Whoops, someone forgot to do link love

This is getting to be a Saturday afternoon feature, eh?

What is net neutrality?  Here’s a primer from Planting Our Pennies.  What’s going on with net neutrality right now is pretty scary.  For example, a bot stole this woman’s name and true email address and left a comment about net neutrality.  Here’s the FCC commissioner asking for help.

US is one of three officially pro-Nazi countries, based on a vote at the UN.

The Republican case for Doug Jones.

The impossible and anti-victim process of reporting sexual harassment as a congressional staffer.  Hint:  nothing happens except that they legally shut your mouth.

Shakespeare talks about sexual harassment.

Trump Census pick is pro-gerrymandering.

How mom and dad money chose health insurance this year.

If you know a blind child learning braille, this resource is pretty amazing.  They even have board books.

Some of these books look horrible, but I’ve heard that a few of them are very good indeed. This group looks pretty good too.

Carrying 10K across the border.

Why are all the planets in the same plane?  (Pluto isn’t!)

Curious Zelda

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