Our annual charitable giving page

Time to get those charitable ducks in order, especially if you’re not going to be able to itemize under the new tax laws next year.

This year is probably a good one to do the Donor Advised Fund.  We’ve opted not to just because we want more flexibility right now with so much uncertainty, but your situation may be different!

Planned Parenthood : They need us more than ever before

RAINN :  help people impacted by sexual violence

CAIR :  Help Muslim victims of prejudice

Donors Choose (though, to be honest, I think the wobble chairs everyone in my [not poor] town wants are expensive and a waste of money– but there are a lot of teachers in lower income districts that want books and pencils and math supplies)  Note:  I am incapable of clicking on this without donating something.  I am such a soft touch for learning.  Ugh, #2 just sent me another link I had to fund.  Stahp!

WNDB:  We need diverse books!

ACLU :  One of the things standing in between us and fascism

EveryLibrary.org :  Helps political actions to fund public, school, and college libraries

EFF (the Electronic Frontier Foundation) seems pretty relevant right now

Emily’s List:  Help pro-choice women Democrats get elected to office!

Previous posts:  2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, (we have a couple posts in 2012 on charity, but I’m not finding a holiday one), 2011, 2010

Grumpy Nation:  Link us up to your favorite charities!

18 Responses to “Our annual charitable giving page”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    I also complained about the way they ignored regular order and didn’t discuss the bill and it’s nearly impossible to figure out what was in the bill even after it was passed.

    (Still waiting to call one of my two senators because his vm, even the ones in the teeny little towns are all filled up.)

  2. delagar Says:

    I’ve got limited charitable income this year. What I can give, I’m giving to the ACLU and the local food bank.

    I did give a lump sum to PP earlier in the year, in memory of a friend who died too young.

  3. SP Says:

    So many opportunities to do good. Thanks for sharing your favorites, they help me find places to fight the current policies.

    For global scale stuff, I like CharityWater and also use GiveWell to help direct giving. I’m still pretty scattershot, but making progress.

  4. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    We’ve donated to the Hispanic Federation, our local chapter of CASA, the breed rescue that we got Doggle from years ago (Norsled), a food bank in Louisiana, a dog rescue and diaper bank in Texas post-Harvey, and our local homeless shelter. We needed to do better this year but our cashflow at year end is pretty bad, so I’m going to revisit our donations in February. All our donations were matched, though, so at least the recipients of the donations got double what we spent to help.

  5. Leah Says:

    I like to donate to local charities — our local women’s shelter, nature center, etc. There’s a really cool one in the Twin Cities called Urban Boatbuilders that works to teach woodworking (and life) skills to inner city youth. Major Chords for Minors is in Michigan somewhere and does low cost/free music lessons. I heard about them on NPR and have donated several times. I love both of those for making a direct impact on individuals.

  6. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    This morning I called about CHIP and about the disastrous tax act.

    Turns out the Republicans screwed up in their haste and left what is essentially a typographical error in the bill that means they HAVE to go to conference on the bill or else risk not giving a huge giveaway to their corporate overlords. That means that they can put back all the horrible things that got voted out of the Senate Bill. It also means that there’s a chance to get rid of even more horrible things in the bill.

    https://5calls.org/ has some great scripts for you to use, as well as information about who to call.

    Also, with CHIP unfunded, states are starting to run out of money which means, you know, kids might die. This is unconscionable.

    My DH will be driving to the city to a protest on Thursday. I know this is a busy time of the semester/year, but let’s all MAKE SOME NOISE. Political action is a form of charitable giving. Give the Christmas gift of security to millions of people, including children.


  7. Alice Says:

    Proud EMILY’s List member here, but since you mentioned taxes I don’t believe EMILY’s List is tax deductible. Everyone should still donate though.

  8. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    From Indivisible:

    Dear Indivisibles,

    Things on the tax scam fight and the Dream fight are changing quickly.

    But one thing remains constant: the Republican caucus is hanging on by a thread. On the tax scam, Republican members in the House aren’t in agreement, even though they voted to go to conference last night. And, this weekend, Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) said she may not be able to vote for the final tax bill. The continuing resolution holds many challenges, too, as the Freedom Caucus refuse to go along with the rest of the Republicans.

    As they’re working on both bills, negotiations will create more and more wedges between the Republicans. Things might be changing, but our weekly to-dos are still the same. Re-read our email from yesterday, start making phone calls, and use your constituent pressure to fight both of these bills:

    Make calls as the tax scam heads to conference: call 1-855-980-2350 to be connected to your member of Congress. Hold Republicans accountable for their votes and tell them you expect them to vote against the final tax bill. Let Democrats know you appreciate their support and you hope they continue to oppose the tax scam.

    Ask your Senators to become Dream Heroes: visit our website to find out if your Senator is a Dream Hero or a Dream Killer. If your Senator is on the Dream Killer list, call 1-855-980-2355 and ask them to take the Dreamer Pledge.

    Keep up the good work. It’s working.

    – The Indivisible Team

  9. First Gen American Says:

    This was my first year giving to planned parenthood directly and I have to say I’ve been very disappointed at how spammy they are. They were calling me constantly looking for more money almost immediately after giving and finally stopped after I threatened to never give again when they called me 2 days in a row. I am still getting mailings all the time. How much of my donation is going to stamps alone? Normally a charity that does that will instantly get blacklisted but I do believe they need help so am having a moral dilemma on what to do next year. I don’t want to reward pestering behavior but do want to continue to help. Perhaps I will see if I can donate to my local chapter through the directed giving option via United way. I need to still call them and ask if they will limit their mailings but that takes time, my most precious commodity.

    I also always give to NPR and they only send me a once a year appeal which is the perfect amount of communication for me. The bulk of my directed giving goes to a local science outreach organization and the local museum who also does Tons of education outreach. I am on the board of one and have been working with the other for years. I do believe education solves so many of the world’s problems so most of my giving goes to those causes. Depending on how things go however, I may have to rethink about giving to the most vulnerable again.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I have never had them call me before. They do send too much mail. I think there’s an organization that lets you donate places without getting on spam lists, but I haven’t used it because I’m lazy. Some of blogger has mentioned it before. United Way is probably easier.

  10. RBOC | Grumpy Rumblings (of the formerly untenured) Says:

    […] However, I think I would rather spend that money on the kitchen (also political action and charity).  (Plus there’s always that looming question of whether or not my 12 year old car is going […]

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