Frozen link love

Link love is late today because our heater is broken and it is cold outside so it has been hard to get my fingers to emerge from covers, much less the rest of my body.  But here I am!  There’s a sun patch next to the computer that Little Kitty and I are both sitting in right now.

There are a bunch of bad things about the Republican Tax Bill.  Punishing Americans who use public schools.  Destruction of the American social safety net. CALLPROTESTVISIT OFFICES.  FAX.  Do just a little bit more activism than you really want to do.

The media is doing a horrible job of framing this– as a fight between two equal sides.  They should try reporting on the truth instead of treating this like a football game.  Here’s a great thread with  more on the topic of framing.

5 ways to push back against the tax bill from teen vogue

Even the Republicans were screwed from voting on a bill they hadn’t read.  THAT’S WHY WE HAVE REGULAR ORDER!  Because of unintended consequences!!!!!

When the bad guys weaponize outrage.  (He got reinstated)

A killer cop actually went to jail for shooting an unarmed black man in the back.  (Of course, another killer cop just got acquitted for shooting another black man with arms raised high who was pleading for his life)

Dear mens, your greasy demon hands are in time out

This is a lot of awfulness to unpack in one guy.  (Lots of trigger warnings in just one tweet!)

Grad students protest GOP tax hike

From a rally in Reading, PA.

Delayed action prescription drugs can kill even after vomiting up an overdose

Go give Stacking Pennies some ideas on how to help

Cards against humanity redistributes your wealth

Book cover parodies.  Check out 1984.

Read this thread on Max.  Do not let him in the library.

3 Responses to “Frozen link love”

  1. Solitary Diner Says:

    There are some really good links this week. Love the Cards Against Humanity one! Also still laughing (crying) at 2017.

  2. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Also frozen. Very frozen. And Ditto Solitary Diner on 2017.

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