• On a recent plane trip, I shared a row with the guy partly in charge of food on American Airlines.  I told him I really liked the Biscoff and he said that was one of his programs.  :)
  • Trying to get flu shots for my kids has been non-trivial this year.  I called and the receptionist said only my doctor’s nurse could make those appointments and then I got the voicemail for the nurse which said that if this was about appointments to press 0 because the front desk could make those appointments, then the front desk again refused.  Later that day DH called and actually got the nurse, but she said they couldn’t get flu shots unless they had their well-child appointments for the year (even though they both had them before school this year!), but the first available for a well-child visit was not for weeks and they would have to be taken out of school (and while DH was on the phone, google calendar suddenly decided to have a bug on all our devices throwing back to 2015 and not showing any items for 2017– it worked again on all devices like 10 min after DH got off the phone).  Then DH realized that DC1 is old enough to get a shot at the pharmacy so we all went to the pharmacy.  So I guess DC2 will just not be getting a flu shot this year.
  • DC1 has the same shoe size as my sister now.  I still have another half toe in size on hir, but it’s getting close!  It is a bit crazy how quickly the feet grow compared to the rest.
  • DC2 watched Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar and cried and cried that it was over and there wasn’t a second season and zie couldn’t watch it again for the first time.  I tried Angelic Layer, but zie wasn’t into the first episode.  Right now zie is watching YumeIro Patisserie on youtube.
  • We cleared out a bunch of board books and similar books that DC2 has outgrown (we kept stuff like Sandra Boynton, but not the super easy readers meant only for babies), and now there’s a bunch of empty space in one of our bookcases where we had been keeping the grade K-3 chapter books (which are now in DC2’s bookcase).  I feel a bit twitchy about this.  I’d expected to be buying Spanish stuff from Scholastic (Club Leo), but the teachers never started Scholastic even though they said they would.  I guess they forgot.  :(
  • I CANNOT imagine borrowing money to go on a vacation ever, whether or not I already had a ton of debt.  This is probably the first time I’ve felt that we could probably handle a Hawaiian vacation given our income.  However, I think I would rather spend that money on the kitchen (also political action and charity).  (Plus there’s always that looming question of whether or not my 12 year old car is going to finally give up on us.)  Of course, I can’t imagine borrowing money to renovate a functional kitchen either.  (Borrowing for a car is often a necessity, particularly in areas where public transportation is poor.)
  • Related:  Consumer debt from buying luxuries and choosing to service high interest debt rather than sacrifice spending to pay it down is VERY different than medical debt caused by insufficient insurance from our broken health insurance markets.
  • I have finally abandoned “he or she” or “(s)he” in my technical writing.  I’m still having trouble replacing it with the singular “they” so I’m mostly rephrasing to remove pronoun use at all or to make the they plural.  (On the blog I’m sticking with zie and hir.)
  • DC1 grew a bit more after I typed that third bullet [#2 edits:  bonbon], and is now the PERFECT size for a chin rest.
  • I called about the Dream Act yesterday.  Today is for SCHIP funding.   https://5calls.org/issue/bipartisan-renewal-chip-funding

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20 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Today is also for net neutrality

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  3. purple and rose Says:

    As always: Thank you for your writings. You have made a huge difference in my year and given me hope when I needed it.

  4. Leigh Says:

    Getting a flu shot this year was really annoying. Usually I just get them at work, but since I’m not on school’s health insurance, I can’t get one there and the employee flu shots at my spouse’s work are just for employees, not for spouses on their health insurance. No one could give us a straight answer of which pharmacies were free and which weren’t, so finally I just went to one and didn’t worry about whether it cost $30 or not. (It turned out to be free.) I was worried because the last time I tried to get one at a pharmacy, some pharmacies in the area charged $30 and some it was free with my insurance. This year has been expensive enough medically that I didn’t want to pay another $30 just to get a flu shot.

  5. Leah Says:

    Oh, that is such ridiculousness! We were able to schedule a nurse only appointment for the flu shot (tho we also got the run around for a little bit on that — they have “flu shot days” where they line kids up, but because our little one is 3 and we have a baby, we were allowed to come on a less germy day, I guess).

  6. Leah Says:

    RE: vacations, family lore holds that my grandmother would pay off their house regularly and then mortgage it again when they wanted to do something big like get a car or go on vacation. It worked out okay for them, I suppose — my uncle still lives in that house. The house has literally been occupied by just my family since the mid-1950s or so when the house was built. It’s a pretty nice house too. Anyway, I’m with you. I so prefer to save up money for a trip and spend accordingly. I can’t imagine how stressed I’d be to do something “fun” if I knew I couldn’t afford it.

  7. bogart Says:

    Argh! Can you find a new pediatrician? I suppose not or imagine you’d have done so, how frustrating.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      our pediatrician is great! And there are some really scary pediatricians in town. This is an office policy, but it’s the best pediatrician office in town. I suppose we can talk to them in August when DC2 actually gets hir annual well-child checkup.

  8. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    What a runaround! Why on earth do they do it that way? We are lucky to have a children’s vaccine area where you can come during business hours without an appointment and just get the flu shot with a little bit of paperwork. We seem to have a really good health care provider, all things considered, between great maternity, really good responsiveness when we take JB in, good care when we have adult issues.

    I was ONLY ok with borrowing money for the reno because I knew that we were going to pay it back after the sale. That’s likely why we never did any upgrades at the old place – though we were there nearly a decade. Inertia is a powerful tool in our savings tricks!

    Borrowing for vacation? Hm. That is a strong no.

    I’ve been replacing “he/she” with “they” in a lot of my work and it’s working ok so yay!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Inertia is definitely powerful! One of these years I’ll ask DH to get the kitchen figured out as a present. Right now we’re trying to figure out a whole house water filter.

      • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

        Oh that’s a big deal if I read the right info about it. I did some initial research and decided we were ok with just a drinking water filter for now because a whole house one was so pricey.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Sometime in January there will be a post of the continuing saga. It hasn’t been easy. Stupid corner lot. (in the mean time we have an under sink water filter in the kitchen and a shower water filter in the master shower)

  9. Practical Parsimony Says:

    Flu shots are free at the health dept. I went with friend to get her grandchildren’s flu shots. We decided to get ours, too. Another year I decided to get mine at Walmart which seemed a little weird. Some places here give a free 24 pack of water or a $10 gift certificate for the store if you get a flu shot there.

    I just cannot abide using a singular term and then use “they” in reference. Seldom do I use “he/she” in any kind of writing. I try to rewrite. My teeth are on edge when I see or hear “they” used in reference to the singular.

    Back 40 years ago when my kids were little, I commented to a friend about the size I bought for the older boy and younger girl. She had children the same age and assured me I had bought my children’s shoes too big. She wanted to feel the toes in each child’s shoe. She was flabbergasted that they shoes fit and the sizes were so large. The boy’s feet continued growing until he wore a size 14 shoe at age 13, three sizes larger than his father. The girl’s feet quit growing at 8.5. same size as mine.

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