Googled questions you didn’t know you had

The remaining ask the grumpies are HARD, so here’s us answering some googled questions instead.

Q:  should we ever make kids do things they don’t want to do

A:  To some extent.  It’s valuable to learn math and hygiene, for example.  However, there are more- and less-engaging ways of teaching these things.  My dad believes there is meaning in making kids make their beds each day, but I don’t.

Q:  how can i get enough money for my self

A:  Don’t rob a bank.  That rarely works out.

Q:  husband doesn’t make enough money to support family

A:  It’s a good thing that women are allowed to work (as are men, in case this is not a heterosexual marriage).

Q:  are vertical blinds in style?

A:  Never in the history of time.

Q:  college romance novels where hero heroine hate each other

A:   Why?  There are so many better tropes out there.

Q:  how you would plan to work on cousin’s wedding about ten lines

A:  Do your own homework.

Q:  our parents grow up in amuch better world than we did do you agree

A:  No.  Our drugs are more advanced, at the very least.  Wait, are you a straight white dude?

Q:  what is the difference between percentage and percentage points?

A:  You’re looking for this page.

Q:  how big is your uterus at 23 weeks compared to fruit

A:  I don’t know about uterus size, but for baby size, here’s a collection.

Q:  why does parents want to do better then there parents

A:  Because we love our children

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One Response to “Googled questions you didn’t know you had”

  1. Debbie M Says:

    Um, the world is also getting better for straight white dudes. Especially because of the internet!

    Unless you are really into the environment or live on one of those disappearing coastlines.

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