Little late link love


Awful.  ICE separating families.

I just (literally today) had a really similar experience to the one this guy is describing.  I went out for sushi with DC2 (DH and DC1 are at a robotics meet) and the table next to mine had some stupid (female) bigot complaining about how DEMOCRATS shut down the government because they want to SPEND on immigrants which we can’t afford to do. So many levels of wrong. I hate Fox News.  Then a black woman with a Caribbean accent joined them for lunch and she shut up.  I wanted to be like, save yourself! But, like Betty in the thread, probably she knows.

The fake feminism of the #metoo backlash.  There are a lot of bad takes on the Aziz Ansari thing, but this one by Emma Gray is a good one.

Medicaid recipients will be drowning in paperwork in Kentucky.  … and “literacy” courses

False reassurance, the medical error killing new mothers

Closeted Anti-LGBTQ Politicians may not survive the #metoo movement because reporters are starting to realize that they shouldn’t be protecting serial harassers(!) in the name of ethics.  (WTF, are reporters really so bad at thinking about these things?)

FBI investigating whether Russian money went to NRA to help trump.

The press still needs to DO BETTER

Turns out trying to change hearts and minds is waaaaay less effective than changing laws when it comes to increasing vaccinations.

Tesla Model 3’s likely first major accident

Someone is playing a really long game here.  For your perusal:  29 stages of a twitterstorm in 2018,  @Pricehound Lessons from 2013!

Hierarchy of financial needs

Best investments for tax-deferred accounts.

Bitches get riches meditates on her new job!

A natural scientist shows her mudroom remodel!


Roxanne Gay’s 2017 reading list

RT book of the year nominations

One pot mac and cheese

Step saving kitchen from 1949


12 tips to ensure you don’t stab anyone on your first day back from break

I did not know there was a women’s march today until yesterday.  What is up with that?  No news info, no tweets, no emails, nothing.

12 Responses to “Little late link love”

  1. omdg Says:

    The Samantha Bee clip on the #MeToo backlash was priceless.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I KNOW. She’s so amazing.

      • omdg Says:

        Also, the disparity between urban and rural hospitals for maternity care is not that surprising to me given how low-resource many community hospitals are. Not giving them a pass, but… being low resource out in the boonies is bad for ALL emergency care, not just obstetrics. What is crazy is the black/white disparity at academic centers. Is this a lack of access issue common to poor people everywhere leading to bad or absent prenatal care? Racism leading providers to dismiss real concerns their patients have? Distrust of the healthcare system? How do we fix any of this?

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Amitabh Chandra finds some evidence of both discrimination and different reactions to treatment. There’s also distrust of the system particularly by black males (this distrust gets stronger the closer the person is to Tuskeegee, Alabama, according to a paper by Marianne Wanamaker and coauthor). There’s some pretty substantial evidence about long-term scarring effects of racism, classism, poor housing, etc… where that research stood about 10 years ago is detailed in a really compelling documentary available called Unnatural Causes. Previously, there were also problems with Medicaid patients getting prenatal access (Currie and Gruber) but IIRC, that has dissipated for maternity with higher maternity reimbursements. (I teach half a semester on this topic!)

        How do we fix it– well, if you look at Hillary Clinton’s campaign page, she had a lot of good policy solutions that synthesized the research up to what we know now. It is a SIN the way the media ignored policy in the last election to focus on emails and praising Trump when he strung together a coherent sentence.

  2. Leah Says:

    Related to health care. My main takeaway is actually that the nurse was already doing anti-racism work. Which is why we all should be doing so. Change doesn’t happen without work.

  3. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Drat, I meant to give that one pot recipe mac n cheese a whirl and see if it stands up but I forgot to pick up cornstarch at the grocery store this morning. Putting that on my list.

    Yay mudroom ideas! We will need to get around to that eventually. Maybe this year, or start of next year? I don’t know. Exterior work is required first, then clearing out boxes in the garage, then interior work.

  4. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    Aw, thanks for the linky love! I love that thing SO much.

  5. Debbie M Says:

    I especially enjoyed the hierarchy of financial needs. It explains so much about the financial blogs I enjoy reading–it’s so much more fun when the writers are at the same level as me.

    Aaaand I also tried out the macaroni and cheese. It came out kind of gritty for me and the pan was really hard to wash, so I won’t be doing that again. Also, it tasted like it needed more salt, but I had no trouble eating it all again. I don’t follow recipes exactly, so your mileage may vary.

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