Link Love and the February no devices in the morning challenge

I probably should have posted about the February challenge on Wednesday instead of #2’s delightful rant about modern homesteaders with poor planning skills.  But I got busy!

We do challenges in February instead of New Years Resolutions because February is the shortest month!

This year my challenge will be to not reach for the iPad/iPhone first thing in the morning.  I will not check any twitter/comics/fun websites until my 10:30 break.  If I want to check my email, I will need to get up and do it from my computer, or if I’m stuck somewhere I can use my phone.  I can also use my phone to check the weather.  (I will allow myself to look at the blog comments after getting to work.)

Day 1:  DH was on a business trip, so it was relatively easy for me to avoid getting sucked into online entertainment since I had to get DC2 ready.  I did, however, wake up at 4:30 and instead of reaching for the ipad which I really wanted to do, I slept fitfully off and one for another hour and some change.  I’m not sure if this was a good thing or not because I had gone to sleep around 9pm the night before and may not have needed that extra time.  Still, I could have gotten up and done work (but it was cold!) and chose not to.  Once the kids were off and I got to my computer (7:20am– I worked from home) I had a really hard time not flipping to agaishanlife’s weekly link love.  A really hard time!

Day 2:  Similar to Day 1.

Today:  DH was home and I had a really hard time not poking through the internet because it was sooo hard to leave the warm bed, which is part of why this is late.  If I could have just gotten up instead of lying in bed snoozing off and on…  (This is still going to be posted late because we’re going out for breakfast and then shopping before I’ll have a chance to get through links).  After DH woke up we did spend some time looking at emails from car dealers and which brunch places in town are open at 8am and serve grits (update:  we ended up getting chicken biscuits and donuts instead.

And now for some links:

Is your librarian racist?

Green card veteran facing deportation starts hunger strike

Putin’s Saturday Night Massacre:  He got Trump and the GOP to sell out America  (Trump decided not to enact new sanctions against Russia that Congress overwhelmingly voted for.)

Love, regret, and the state legislature

Democrats are completely and totally misusing this study

Why women’s voices are scarce in economics

Athem refuses to pay emergency room costs

Scalzi with a truly touching tribute that made at least one of us cry

These are truly beautiful

The rediscovery of Florence Price


How to fight in a ballgown

Scientists review everyday objects

A really thought provoking post from Solitary Diner about how we behave with money when we label ourselves rich compared to other labels (at the same amount of income/savings)

A Natural Scientist thinks out her career reboot 5 year plan

Woman who stopped buying coffee still suffering from intergenerational poverty

Protesting the wage gap (The post is a joke, but it’s true that people work harder when they’re paid more!)

10 more ways to a bookworm’s heart

11 Responses to “Link Love and the February no devices in the morning challenge”

  1. Debbie M Says:

    That one on refusing to cover certain emergency room costs reminds me of so many things that happened at the university where I used to work. Some higher ups would implement a rational-sounding policy without discussing possible implications with any underlings.

    One of the great things about my college’s Academic Advisor Association is that they eventually got advisors to be on some of the committees that were deciding these things so they could prevent some of these kinds of ridiculous results. Occasionally, people even learned to consult the ACA about all their student-related questions. (Advisers are expert in the ways students try to deal with all kinds of policies and are pretty good at guessing what kind of work-arounds they will come up with.)

    Of course, there are plenty of other groups of workers that are not bigwigs and have not made their own organization, so plenty of wrong-headed things still got implemented. (Privatizing janitorial services, for one.) And universities are full of experts in SO MANY FIELDS (ahem, economists), so there’s really no excuse.

    Sadly I think there’s some kind of general idea that because bigwigs are paid (so much) more, they are better and more knowledgeable in every way than everyone else in their organization even though of course you need all those people and they are all experts at different parts of the organization.

    Plus I guess insurance companies don’t have to worry about their reputations much; most people just go with whatever their employer provides. Well, I was glad to read that hospitals were working with other groups to advocate for their patients with Anthem.

    • Omdg Says:

      Im still not sure I understand how this is supposed to work. If you have crushing substernal chest pain radiating down your left arm are you supposed to call the nurse hotline before you call 911? What if the nurse refers you to the ED and it turns out you have indigestion, are you off the hook?

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        I was wondering that too.

        Bc/bs initially denied my one trip to the emergency room—I had food poisoning at an airport and they wouldn’t let me on the plane and I passed out in the ambulance. They claimed I should have gotten permission for out of network provider first. It took a couple of calls, but I did get them to cover it.

        (In College I was able to go to urgent care off campus for my crushing chest pain that turned out to be indigestion. It took a couple hours of agonizing pain before they saw me, gave me mylanta and sent me home. I assume they would have moved me up the queue if I actually had a heart attack.)

  2. CG Says:

    I generally leave my phone downstairs at night unless I have reason to believe that I’m going to get an urgent message (e.g., possible snow day in the works). BUT I kept my iPad by my bed and reached for it first thing every morning. I left my iPad in Hawaii when we were on vacation (if that isn’t a first world problem, I don’t know what one is) and it took a while to get it shipped back. During that time I had no tech in the morning until I went downstairs to my computer, and I think I was less anxious. So now that the iPad is back it is also staying downstairs. Keep up the good work!

  3. chacha1 Says:

    I win this challenge, I never turn on a “device” till I get to my office. :-) With the prospect of spending 8 solid hours staring at a screen before me, I prefer to spend my pre-work time looking out the window, or at my bookshelves, or at my cat. On weekends, I have to pretty much force myself to get on the computer.

  4. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    I was in the ER before Thanksgiving because of escalating abdominal pain that looked and sounded like (to my doctor who I’d been emailing) it could be appendicitis. It wasn’t. We only paid the $150 copay and I’m feeling a bit lucky that it wasn’t ever a question that we’d owe any more than that.

    Feb challenge – I wondered if I’d be able to do that but decided not to worry about it. I spend a few minutes waking up and letting my aches say their piece before I get up every morning lest I black out. I might as well catch up on some messages while I’m at it.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Glad you’re ok!

      Right now I’m curious to see if I spend the time better or not. Mostly I’m sleeping more, but it’s not really high quality sleep. We’ll see what happens as the month goes on.

  5. Link love and some notes on February’s challenge | Grumpy Rumblings (of the formerly untenured) Says:

    […] This February’s challenge was to not read social media first thing in the morning.  The first couple weeks were hard, but after that less so.  I did reset my going to work to before 8am rather than to around 9am (for the days I didn’t have to be at work until 9:30), which was good because the building is lovely and quiet in the morning and it’s easier to get work done.  I also slept a bit more, but if I’m waking up at 5 after getting to sleep at 9, that is 8 hours of sleep– I probably don’t need that extra hour (especially since some of that time with the ipad in bed had been spent checking my email).  Unfortunately, I started doing more social media checking on my desktop at home instead of just the ipad, which means I started associating my desktop with wasting time rather than just working (and uh, blog stuff).  I also spent longer in the bathroom with my phone…  Overall I do not think I actually saved much time during the day, just changed when I did things.  And I’m behind on my email again.  But I didn’t time track so I don’t know for sure.  Was this worth keeping up with?  Probably not.  I do like the break of the addiction and have been occasionally keeping the ipad out of reach so I have to get up to use it.  So, I dunno. […]

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