Link love and challenge update

Challenge update Week 2:  It continues to be cold in the mornings.  I lay in bed wishing I could grab for a device.  I don’t want to wake up DH but I also want to wake up DH.  Sometimes I cuddle closer and think about stuff and sometimes I give up and do my morning ablutions and then head to the office to check my email.  Then I get cold and I head back to bed.  Thus far I have not gotten up to do any work other than answering emails.  I have, however, been getting into work earlier in the morning after DH is up and out of bed.  I’ve been eating breakfast with the kids instead of snoozing and I usually head out when DC1 goes for the bus.  This has led to an hour of productive time (and some political calls) once I get to work.  Of course, then I run out of steam earlier in the day once I’m at work.  Which suggests maybe I was optimizing already and not checking social media in the mornings is just moving things around.  Still, I am actually spending less time on social media.  I’m just not sure I’m doing anything productive with that time.  I mean, I guess there’s a little bit more contemplation in the morning but do I really need to be contemplating how much I wish I could grab the ipad or DH would wake up or how 9 Rules to Break isn’t quite as good in light of the #metoo movement etc.  Most of the planning/work thoughts I’d been having on my morning drive.  With all the extra time I have been a bit better about grabbing a vit D in the morning, but I also have them in my desk at work to take later in the day when I notice I’m tired because I forgot so maybe that’s why I run out of steam earlier in the day.

Trump’s draft plan to punish “legal” DOCUMENTED immigrants if they send their US-born kids to Head Start, or sign them up for CHIP etc.

Another tragic deportation victim

resist matrix poem

Boycott the GOP to save fiscal conservatism

An apt metaphor

No one is silencing misogynist Katie Roiphe

The drunk history video in this post is 100% totally worth watching

Gender imbalance in news stories and how to fix it

Terrible paper title, but men need to behave more like women, not the other way around.

Social justice and children’s literature

These video interviews with Chadwick Boseman are also really cool (though you also have the option of reading the text transcripts)

People who escape debt traps end up right back in them.  :(

How owning a house can bring in passive income

You can have more than one 401(k) at a time

I made it all the way to #1 before I LOL’d uncontrollably


10 Responses to “Link love and challenge update”

  1. Debbie M Says:

    I’ve been realizing that I’ve only rarely voted in primaries. This year I looked at the ballot initiatives, and both major parties have some pretty extremist ones that seem designed to piss off the other party. The Republicans seem to want to hurt anyone who’s not like their ideal; the Democrats want everyone to magically have lots of free stuff and don’t talk about where they will get the money. As an ex-social science major, I’m also appalled at how loaded and leading those initiative questions are. Like the Republicans claim to want bathrooms to be safe for women, but even though I want bathrooms to be safe (for everyone), I would have to vote against it because I know it’s really about being mean to trans-gendered people.

    In my state (Texas), you can vote in either party’s primaries, regardless of which party you most identify with. We don’t register in parties. If you vote in a primary, then you can’t sign petitions for independent candidates, and you are also considered affiliated with the party whose primary you voted in for purposes of attending conventions and voting in primary run-off elections. But just for one year–you can change every year if you want.

    In my state many elections have been decided in the Republican primary, so I’m thinking of voting in that. Despite the “Boycott the GOP” article you linked to above, I think it can still make sense to vote in the GOP primary to at least vote against the horrible incumbents (when possible–my Rep is running unopposed, but so many other [expletives] aren’t). Even if the other guys are just as bad, it sends a message (but it’s not really that hard for someone to be much, much better). Then in the November election you could boycott them, but I’m still going to try to research the people and try to pick the best one. (I have a pretty terrible state rep even though she’s a Democrat and if she manages to win the primary and some reasonable Republican also wins, I may vote for the Republican. Last time I voted for her anyway, because a no-show is still better than a bad vote. Ugh.)

    I encourage y’all to pick one of the primaries and please vote against any of the initiatives you think are crazy. (Of course if you don’t think any are crazy, I don’t want you to vote against them. Maybe I’m wrong!)

    Also, any advice from people with experience in voting in primaries is greatly appreciated. I seem to get mixed messages about which primary I should vote in. (I wish we could vote in both–which shows you how much I really don’t get the system.)

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Most of my democrat colleagues vote in republican primaries. My DH says he’s going democrat even so. I haven’t decided.

      • Debbie M Says:

        My horrible Republican Representative has no opponents, but my horrible Republican Senators (including Cruz) do, as do many other other horrible people in my state. My incompetent Democratic State Rep has several people running against her, so I also want to vote there, but the Republican one has way more races I worry about, so I’ll be voting in their primary this time. Probably–I’ll need to make sure the competitors are actually better, but it seems quite likely that they are. Their competitors the last year they ran were all better than they were.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        our horrible republican rep has 2 democrat and 1 libertarian challenger but no primary challenger. The libertarian is at least a real libertarian and not an unprincipled social conservative like, say, Rand Paul.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Don’t vote for SECEDE Kilgore!

      • Debbie M Says:

        You’ll be happy to know I didn’t vote for SECEDE. Or the third candidate. Unfortunately, I had to abstain on that race. But I did find better alternatives in other races.

        Sounds like we’ll both have to wait until November to vote for a new Representative.

  2. Linda Says:

    Thanks for the link. I’m honored you found my post interesting enough to add it to your Link Love. :-)

  3. EB Says:

    The nazi running unopposed in the Republican primary in Illinois’ 3rd Congressional district is unopposed because the Democrat always wins. The actual Republicans don’t bother to try to convince someone to run, and usually no-one does. The Democrat is Dan Lipinski, who inherited the seat from his father, Bill Lipinski. They are both somewhat conservative Democrats, so even those who might be swing voters are pretty happy to vote Democratic.

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