link love and a challenge update

This is the week the addiction finally broke.  I no longer have the sense of yearning as I fight to keep from reaching for the ipad/iphone.  Still, when I do get to a computer I have unconsciously hit up twitter a couple times without even noticing until I’d finished.  Habits are hard to break!  I have been getting to work before 8am again which is nice because it’s just me and the cleaning staff and it’s peaceful and I can get an hour of actual work in before meetings start or before people stop by.  Previously I had done that, but something about this semester had me shifted to 9am for a while.  I’m still not getting into work before 7 like I had been, but some of that is the fact that we temporarily have 3 cars and only have a 1 car driveway and a 2 car garage so if my car isn’t the one in the driveway I have to wait for DC2’s bus to come.

Performance Today this month has been doing an amazing job this month highlighting black composers and musicians.  I am saddened by the great artists that have disappeared from regular view.  I’m shocked by the household names that I did not know were black (see:  Scott Joplin).  It’s so unfair that history is written by the dominant culture and not about the biggest talents.  We’ve lost so much.  A favorite this week was William Grant Still.  I agree 100% with the youtube commenter who remarked, “Where has this music been?! Lovely, evocative, original and beautifully written. Deserves a place alongside Copland, Gershwin and Bernstein.”

How banks block people of color from homeownership.

These FL students are inspirational (tw: school shooting)

Trump pitches plan to bring back boxes of government food even though it’s both less efficient and less equitable than SNAP.

H/T to Delagar for this 2015 post on how the cake place that denied a lesbian couple service also doxxed them and endangered their kids.

Only slightly less terrible for morale than stack-ranking

The next recession is going to suck

Media:  Reality has a liberal bias right now.  Embrace it.

Death by Pokemon Go

I am the very model of a NYTimes contrarian

Leslie Jones tweets the olympics

3 Responses to “link love and a challenge update”

  1. becca Says:

    Although depressing, the article on the next recession was really good. I had one question- is it known if it would be worse for the feds to raise rates (inflation disaster risk) or if it is better to raise them now so they can at least be cut if we wind up in a recession?
    Also, the end of the article where they talk about the people who got hit hard was so important. I cannot even describe the madness of trying to tell people comfortably in the top 20% how borked the economy actually still is, for so many people. (related: it should be considered journalistic or data-presentation malpractice to discuss the unemployment rate without discussing the proportion of the working age population actually in the workforce)

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      we should raise rates only when inflation is about to happen, not before (also: better is really hard to define) because doing so before will create a recession (probably: the economy still surprises us by breaking what we thought were laws every 30-50 years or so)

      Yes, not in the labor force is really important!

  2. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    The recession article was pretty depressing, not least because I still know people who are perma-temps because of the last recession, the next one is going to hit everyone who’s barely gotten their feet back under them so hard.

    And I’ve got the sneaking feeling that a recession is going to hit us quite hard too. It may just be nervousness engendered by the mortgage inflating our daily monthly nut and knowing how easy it was to lose a job and stay out of a job for nearly a year last time.

    Sigh. Much of this month has been depressing.

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