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@#$@# Indiana

so called “lone wolves” are actually organized white domestic terrorists

NRA membership in comparison to other organizations

More photos from the March for Our Lives

Parkland kids are still kids, amazing as they are

This is a pretty good use of the profits from fake money.  (One morning this week I got a notification that something I’d donated to had been funded… turns out *everything* on the entire site had been funded.)

Wondering where to put your excess guilt money from the Republican tax cuts that are doing their best to doom America’s future?  This month I went with Spread the Vote to help people in states like mine without voter ID to get the ability to vote.  November 2018 is coming up and the whole world is at stake on that ballot.  (I also did a little donors choose and a little $ to local democratic candidates– if we’re going to fix this country it has to start locally in purple states like mine.)

The newly passed budget in perspective

Turns out the Frugalwoods made a lot more $ than I realized!  (Nonprofit 990 forms are publicly available and show income for highly compensated employees, of which Mr. Frugalwoods is one.  And boy howdy is he one.)  This whole forum thread is kind of interesting.  And it brings up the question of whether or not a couple posts about acknowledging your privilege balance out saying you have a regular salary in the nonprofit sector when really you’re making an excrement-ton of money in spite of working in the nonprofit sector.  Also… it makes me feel like we’re, you know, “middle class” by comparison when I know that rationally we really aren’t under any but the most clueless of definitions (at least not when DH and I are both working).

Non-apology apologies from Facebook in perspective

How to download everything Facebook knows about you.

How to download everything Google knows about you.  Here’s how to limit what they know.

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This Pacific Rim review is pretty awesome

inna bucket

Kitten photo shoots

Soliciting more ask the grumpies questions!

Ask the grumpies is a feature we run almost every Friday (sometimes we post less-popular but still fascinating google questions).  You ask, we answer, or we punt and ask the grumpy nation to answer.  In any case, you get the benefit of not only our wisdom but the collective wisdom of the far wiser grumpy nation.

What questions do you have for us?  What can we bring clarity or further confusion to?  What can the grumpy nation ponder and discuss on your behalf?  Ask in the comments below or email us at grumpyrumblings at gmail dot com.

What’s in your pantry?

I was going to have this be:  “and how has it changed over time” but I can’t find a previous post about what we always keep on hand.  There’s descriptions of cooking systems, which includes a brief overview of the pantry system, and a post about what to cook when you’re really broke, but nothing on the basic question.  So the basic question will come first!

So what is pantry cooking?  Pantry cooking is when you always keep certain things in your pantry (and refrigerator/freezer– not literally just your pantry) so that they’re on-hand so that you can decide what to make without having to menu plan or make extra trips to the grocery store.  You combine having the ingredients on hand with having a repertoire of things that you can make with those ingredients.  You can buy in bulk, and when you’re close to running out, you make sure to buy more even if you don’t have any particular menu item in mind that will be using it.  Here’s a quote from the cooking system post:

I always have the ingredients for spaghetti, bean chili, tomato soup (and grilled cheese sandwiches), lots of rice/quinoa dishes, and so on. My pantry is full of cans of tomatoes, beans, and grains, and I always have eggs, milk, onions, carrots, and usually celery on hand. These, along with sauces and mixed frozen veggies, fruit, and/or nuts, can be turned into any number of meals, especially with chicken and bacon in the freezer. I used to also keep potatoes, but they don’t work well with my metabolism so that’s out (sweet potatoes aren’t as versatile)… no more occasional fry-ups. When something is used up, a new one is bought to replace it. If there’s a sale, we stock up. This saves time and can save money, but can get boring if you’re not feeling especially creative. (In the summer, creative juices are flowing… not so much during the school year.)

Also, if you overspend one month, you can make up for it by eating off your pantry the next month.

All of the food in your house isn’t considered your pantry under this system, only the stuff that you always keep on hand.  The seasons and sales will provide different meals than will just using your pantry alone.

We keep:

basic condiments (mustard, ketchup, mayo)
carrots, celery, apples
minced garlic (yes, we should use regular garlic and mince it ourselves but we only do that for special dishes)
sunflower oil
lemon juice
sour cream or yogurt
some kind of fresh green thing (like lettuce)

Olive oil
vinegars, soy sauce, tabasco
spaghetti, other pastas
various canned beans
various canned tomato products
peanut butter
maple syrup
O cereal
red wine, white wine, brandy or sherry


tea, coffee beans

huge amount of spices
salts, flours, baking soda, baking powder, sugars, cocoa powder, vanilla
chocolate chips, pecans, walnuts

boxed macaroni and cheese
spaghetti sauce
TJ’s sauces (ex. red curry)
trail mix, almonds, raisins
fruit cups/applesauces for kids’ lunches
lara bars

frozen mixed veggies of various kinds
frozen peas
frozen chicken breasts
frozen berries of various kinds
fresh ginger
ground beef or buffalo

Do you have foods that you always make sure to  keep on hand?  What are some of the things you try to never run out of?  How has your pantry changed over time?

My car worth $750 needs $1000 in repairs

Right now we have 3 cars.  DH’s shiny new Honda Clarity (which he continues to be delighted with, but I’m not sure I would have allowed him to buy had I known there was faux wood paneling in the interior– I suspect their interiors designer is a hipster Millennial who does not remember used station wagons from the 1970s), DH’s old Civic (worth $1,300 as a trade-in, $2,300 in private sales, and may need a new expensive hybrid battery within the next 6 months), and my tiny 2005 Hyundai Accent which has 47,000 miles and needs a new timing belt and front brakes and a back brake rotation or something.

While DH was getting the Civic ready for a private sale (he spent a couple weeks detailing it– you can barely tell it once housed two carseats in the back), my car’s check engine light went on.  We took it in.  It now needs about $1K worth of repairs.

We decided to get those repairs done.  Every time we do this, I keep thinking, I hope this will be the last time for a while!  Because it takes a few days for the shop to have an opening and then they hold onto it for a few days (or weeks, now that the parts are older and harder to get) and I’m without a car and that’s irritating.  This time the hassle wasn’t such a big deal because I was able to just drive DH’s old civic around town.  If we had a third parking space that didn’t block our garage, I’d totally just keep all three cars and allow for one to be in the shop from time to time.

I really am not up to buying another car right now, even if we can (barely, if we don’t have any additional major money emergencies) afford to get another Hyundai Accent for 15K to replace my ancient one.  I still kind of want a Prius, but I’d like to refill our emergency funds before spending another 27K on a vehicle.  If it only costs $1K/year in upkeep, we’re still coming out ahead keeping the old car, even if it isn’t worth what we spent on it.  Other used cars worth $750 are going to have worse problems than this one does.  In a lot of ways it would be worthwhile just to get rid of these two cars to get one that’ll be problem free for the next five or so years, but I just don’t have the bandwidth to deal with that right now.  Hopefully this repair will kick that can down the road until I have the energy to deal with it (and, presumably, more money in the slush fund).

And then we hopefully won’t be posting about car repairs or the when to get a new car dilemma for a few years!

sometimes link loves just come on Saturdays

A terrorist turns into a troubled lone wolf just by revealing his skin color.  (Narrator:  Actually, he’s still a domestic terrorist.)

Marielle Franco, a Brazilian politician who fought for women and the poor was killed

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Cat Ipsum

A brief ask the grumpies novel interlude

Idon’twannaworkanymore wrote:

Dear Grumpies,

I just want to read novels.  That’s all I want to do.

What is wrong with me?



Dear Don’twanna,

Books are better than work; there is nothing wrong with you.  This doesn’t help you work, of course, but you can bask in the warm glow of Being Right.


All Books, All the Time.

c/o The Grumpies

p.s.  This is the last ask the grumpies in our queue– we’ll be putting out a call for more questions next Friday.

I got asked to do a women’s history month thing

I got an email late on a Wednesday in February asking me to let the emailer know by that Friday if I could participate in a women’s history month showcase of women’s research.  See the attached letter for more details.

I opened the attached letter.  It started,

Dear [friendly adjunct in another department, that is, NOT ME],

Then the letter itself didn’t say much.  Like… I don’t know what they want me to do.  Just that they have 24 women participating in 40 minutes and they want to spotlight “my” research and will be a huge honor for them if “I” participate.  Then it repeated itself a lot over three paragraphs without providing any actual information other than the day of the event and time.

Then I looked up previous years and it looks like maybe this part is a poster presentation (with big name speakers previous to this), and, importantly, all of the research being presented is gender research.  I do not have any current research on gender.

My guess is here that someone said no and I am definitely not their first choice.  On the one hand I should go as a public service.  On the other hand it sounds like a lot of work for no good reason.  On that first hand again, it probably wouldn’t kill me to network with other women across campus.  On the other hand, I don’t WANT to.  (Especially if having to make a poster of an already published paper is involved!  I don’t do conference posters.)

Being a woman sucks.