Link Love

#2 has been stuck in various airports this week.

There’s a hate loving politician in Maine who is no longer running unopposed.  Donate to Eryn Gilchrist, his opponent, here.

Domestic terrorists kill black victims in Austin.

NYTimes Conservative columnists get paid a lot to blather on about the same thing over and over again.  Also, they still don’t understand free speech.  Not that that matters because it’s easier to write something stupid for lots of money than to actually do research and know things.

A whole thread of pictures of teens in Boise, Idaho protesting.

Boston students protest in the snow on a snow day.

This post is 8 years old and still true.

One way white men can help

Health sharing ministries come with a catch

Leightpf is back!

Are career coaches worth it?

The privilege of pretending

Beautiful oops

Coffee cuts suicide risk by 50%

Math learning games

Contraction consternation


Zoos and science museums review species

6 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. rose Says:

    Thank you for this.

  2. bogart Says:

    Apparently, donating to Eryn Gilchrist is difficult or impossible, because she’s running as a “Clean Election candidate. Under state law, that means she must gather at least 60 qualifying contributions of $5 to qualify for the ballot. It also allows her to collect up to $1,000 in seed money. The rest of her campaign expenses will be publicly funded.” See . Which is a bit aggravating, because I’d love to support her campaign, but maybe there will be other ways, even remotely (and it’s certainly not to say we shouldn’t support those local Democrats — just a bit removed from her actual campaign…)

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Irritating. When I put the link up, she’d just announced. Also, since then, the Republican candidate who said those awful things has dropped out and been replaced by a different Republican, at least according to huffington post.

      • bogart Says:

        Yes. Seeing her opponent drop out is delightful, and — eh. I mean, yes, I’d like to support her campaign and may try to find other ways to do so (writing postcards?), but public funding for elections is a good thing, too, so … (yes, OK, I’m oversimplifying on the public funding as it’s not happening in a vaccuum, but it’s not something I’m going to complain about).

  3. becca Says:

    The real benefit of coffee is the reduction in the murder rate.

  4. yetanotherpfblog Says:

    Thanks for the link!

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