Whoops-a-daisy link love

Readers, I told #2 I would do link love yesterday, and then I straight-up fell asleep.  Epic fail!  Please accept these lovely links as apology.

Empirical evidence about why to boycott Nestle.

You’ve probably seen this, but if you’d like a little choral speaking, here are the news anchors again.

Heehehehehee farts (didn’t you always want to know?)

Delagar reflecting on class and money.

Breaking news: I’ve Got Rhythm was totally ripped off a composer of color! Bad Gershwin! Very bad.

What it says on the tin:




Oldie but good:  How to write a response to reviewers.  Guess what we were doing this week?

What fun things were you doing this week, Grumpeteers?

9 Responses to “Whoops-a-daisy link love”

  1. delagar Says:

    Thanks for the link!

  2. rose Says:

    Glad some sleep occurred. Am certain it was very needed. Thank you for doing link love; it expands what I see very much and always broadens my horizons. Sometimes it gives me hope and sometimes it doubles down on my worries while also reminding me that every person has a different background and different experiences making up their world views and personal tastes.
    The Nestle’s thing needs MUCH more spreading. Unclean water was a huge part of the problem but the reason Nestle’s had such a campaign against breast feeding and in favor social superiority in using bottled formulas was that the baby formula in question was not acceptable for feeding U.S. babies as it did not meet nutritional standards so the company HAD to either absorb their inventory and costs… or sell it in a third world nation. Guess which was more profitable. I am old enough to remember when this happened…….. They are also the company that pumps water from underground in CA without any contract with the state or payment for the resource even when there is significant drought in the state; and their top management has stated that no one should have any water ever without payment (preferable to them). They own many companies that sell bottled water but are the holding company so you do not see their name on the bottles…….

  3. becca Says:

    Nestle’s just got permission to take Michigan water as Flint announced they aren’t going to provide bottled water for free to residents impacted by the lead fiasco. I am still mad at MI.

    delagar’s post rings very true. I think 60k can feel really tight or feel comparatively comfortable, a lot depends on luck/health, family configuration and local cost of living. But for the bulk of people who have trouble getting needs met on that, it’s impossible not to realize many things are broken. I think the biggest factor for delagar might be the healthcare system. That said, you can look at people across the US and realize that education/healthcare/childcare skyrocketing whilst the toys/electronics/empty calories/opiates plummeting is really a toxic combination. Comparing us to other countries, you could argue the economy isn’t broken because of income per se, but because we don’t put enough social investment into needs for families, and as a result incomes just don’t cover what they need to. That said, the inequality of income seems to be in a feed forward loop with the racist captialist hellscape propaganda that appears to convince voters they don’t want/need education/healthcare/childcare so much as they need to keep THOSE UNDESERVING PEOPLE from snatching All the Welfares!!!

    I’ve become kind of weirdly conscious of class in a way I never was when I was young. Also I probably pay far too much attention to money. My feelings about spending are kind alternatively frantic and paralyzed. Probably The Algorithm has figured out that’s how to get the most money out of me.
    At the end of the day, between the recession hitting during some of my most impressionable years and choosing the biomed field, I don’t know if I’ll ever get over the scarcity mindset with regard to career. And if you’re always sure your job (or another like it) won’t be around long, it’s nearly impossible to be comfortable with money.

  4. rose Says:

    QUOTE FROM SF NEWSPAPER SUNDAY APRIL 8 “Is it possible that this episode is also a violation of the consent decree? I would say yes,” said Vladeck, now a Georgetown University law professor.
    He predicted that Facebook may face fines of $1 billion or more for this and a previously reported mishap in which a political consultancy, Cambridge Analytica, improperly gained access to information on up to 87 million Facebook users, of whom 71 million are Americans.”
    QUESTION: Where would that hypothetical billion dollars go? Who would spend/profit from it?

    Clearly I see you as a huge source of knowledge! Also I don’t know who would know the answer. Thank you!

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