Late Link love for a lazy day

Corporate anti-bias training doesn’t work.  :(

Is this the real life?

Erosion of buffers

Students are not stopping. Not forgetting.  Let’s help them out this November.

How Russian Facebook Ads divided and targeted US voters before the 2016 election.

The growing college graduation gap

Did she just say that out loud?

I donated Hank Green’s new book. Is there anything on this list you’d like to give to a Detroit school?  (I also hit up a donors choose for the town next to mine that was requesting diverse books.  That’s one of my yes I will give money buttons.  I wish I could pay taxes instead though.)

I was looking for Spanish books for DC2 and was irritated that most of the lists I was coming across had only male protagonists.  Here’s a list to balance that out a little.

Watch astronauts read from space

Should kids always come first from the archives

Wondering about the chemistry of current nail art trends?

We obviously have no problems with cheesy romance novels (though there’s definitely subsets we do not want to read) or Harry Potter, but this is a great list


eeeee! more zoo kittens


4 Responses to “Late Link love for a lazy day”

  1. rose Says:

    Thank you for all of this. Tiny Kittens is particularly soothing.

  2. undine Says:

    Fun to see The Atlantic turning into USWeekly.

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