Summer Link Love

I couldn’t let this one go, so here’s the 5calls action for it.  Call now and leave a message for them to get on Monday.  Or Fax.  I admit it’s all been too much for me recently and my activism has dropped considerably from the relentless overwhelm of it all (plus weekly activism email I get has been on break and the others I used to get have moved their focus elsewhere or closed up shop entirely), but I know I need to step up again because that means that everybody like me is stepping up again too.  A few weeks from now I’ll probably post a pep-talk for me and everyone else who wants to take this country back.  But right now, I’ll just point out that this one item is really horrific and deserves a call every bit as much as net neutrality or the ACA did.

The Feds LOST 1,475 migrant children

It sucks to be a woman

This is a really good frame for what’s going on with the White house.  There is only one scandal– it is all corruption and stealing from the US government.  (That’s of course not quite true– there’s also racism and cruelty and fascism, but corruption explains a lot of the news stories coming across our feeds these past couple years.)

Speaking of corruption:  Trump lawyer paid by Ukraine to arrange White House talks

This just in:  Republicans are racist

The NYT is SO AWFUL these days.

The answer is still feminism

Interesting thread on hierarchies in the animal kingdom


More women know other stuff

#2 wants to talk about this sometime, I think

Dishing up faith and charity

Mistakes made planning a  year abroad

Revanche is brilliant!

Best full cast audiobooks

What your favorite clothes brand says about you (h/t Xin)

Appreciating nature

3 Responses to “Summer Link Love”

  1. rose Says:

    Thank you for the support in continuing to speak.
    You have a wide audience. Generically are people being more anxious now than 2 1/2 years ago? That does seem to be what I see but I may be in a geographic bubble. No idea where or how one would get metrics on this question.
    I seem to always have questions and no idea how to get answers.
    DId you find a way to know how money contributed to political campaigns is spent?

  2. Object Lessons: You Should Be Angry About This Edition – Yet Another PF Blog Says:

    […] itself and the lack of oversight into the welfare for these children are unacceptable. H/T nicoleandmaggie for boosting the signal on this […]

  3. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Thanks for the link! So many good links this week, I can hardly get through them all.

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