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Publishing nonsense:
Tried to warn youSneaky buttons.

#2 wants you to know that she’s never heard of this garbage man, so maybe his scholarship isn’t very high quality.  The creator of Ren & Stimpy is a (male, of course)  garbage person.

The many tweets of this week:

Not incisive, but worth remembering:

Garbage people, part 9million and three:


Tweet-thread that’s somehow not a blog post:

Dat Elmo life:

I’m not sure what this means:

Other links:

Adjustable sweater!  We’re from the Midwest.

Not pictured:  delicious photo of food that #2 sent me this week.

The Berry Bros.:


Depressing and important:  open-plan offices STILL suck.

Grumpeteers, what’s good?

Ask the grumpies: anything you wish you’d done before marriage and/or kids?

yet another pf blog asks:

Is there anything you wish you had done before you were married? How about before you had kids?

#1:  One of us doesn’t have kids so the point is moot over here. (#2, got anything?) What would I have done differently before I got married? I can’t think of anything. Being with my partner has made the rest of my life easier and more fun.

#2:  Hm, I got married young.  I can’t really imagine single life before marriage.  I mean, I did date some losers in college, mainly because I didn’t know how to say no and a small amount because of the novelty of guys thinking I was amazing.  Those are not good reasons, so it was a huge relief in grad school to be able to stick my hand up and point to the ring when loser guys hit on me.  So definitely not dating other guys (or other people, more generally– I used to think I was DH-sexual, but now I’m fairly sure I’m… what was that word I discovered on captain awkward?  I can’t remember but it’s the one where you have to really get invested in a person before you find them physically attractive, so it seems like asexuality, but it really isn’t.  That’s what I am.  Except younger Pierce Brosnan– he’s still hot, but who knows, maybe I just liked Remmington Steele.).  Everything else I can do while married, I think.

Before kids we didn’t have money.  Now we have money.  Perhaps I wish we had money before kids?  Though getting money at the same time as kids was pretty useful and caused our standard of living to go up instead of down, so maybe not that.  Yeah, I got nuthin’.  I’m not big into regret… maybe it’s time spent in LA with the constant message that everything happens for a reason.  Or maybe it’s just the sunk cost moving forward training in economics.  I guess I wish I’d published more!  But I wish I’d published more after kids too… it’s sort of a never-ending thing with an academic career.

Grumpy nation, is there any day seizing you wish you’d done in the past?

For our peeps in grading jail: How do you motivate/reward yourself while grading?

I’m in the middle of grading final projects and exams and completely tuckered out.  And yet, I have to keep chugging.

I tend to work best when I set myself a reward like, “after grading each problem for all exams, I can watch a 4 min youtube video or read a part of a book chapter”.   If the procrasinatory mood is right, I might be able to “reward” myself with less pleasant things like switching out the laundry or loading the dishwasher.

How do you keep yourself going when the grading gets rough?  Non-academics, how do you motivate yourself to do long repetitive boring tasks that are frequently disappointing?

Thoughts on ways to become more obnoxious with money

I was reading through the Gourmet magazine cookbook I got for my birthday the other day (used because Gourmet is sadly defunct).  In the entertaining section it has a couple of pages recommending that when you throw a party, you just hire caterers and be sure to rent 3x the wine glasses you think you’ll need.  I guess not unexpected advice from a book that starts with 33 pages of cocktails*, though perhaps a bit unexpected from a cookbook that one has bought, presumably, to cook the recipes therein.  I’ve been to catered parties for work, but I’d never thought of actually throwing one myself.  In fact, other than Thanksgiving and the occasional playdate (either DC1 or DH will have a friend or two over to play boardgames, and/or in DC1’s case, video games), we really don’t throw parties at all.  That year in paradise we would have people over and we’d get take-out (usually dips and salads from the local Israeli place), which is sort of like catering, but much less expensive.  Here, presumably, we’d go into the city the weekend before throwing a party and get lots of frozen canapes from WF and TJ’s to reheat.

The military couple who owned our house before us set up the kitchen for caterers with lots of warming trays and heat lamps and an entire wall of our huge pantry filled with alcohol (the side where we keep tupperware, plastic cutlery, the mini fire extinguisher, extracts, and where the children keep their personal candy stashes).  So maybe catering is something that “normal” upper-middle-class people do, or more likely, they catered a lot of work events so someone else was paying.  The state-side military seems to be into government funded catering.

I wonder at what income/wealth point people hire personal assistants and if we will ever get there.  I’m guessing not.  (What would we use a personal assistant for, you ask?  This weekend we decided that finding a competent handi-person was too difficult so DH is in our back yard pressure-washing the deck himself and after it dries, 3/4 of us will work on staining it.  A good personal assistant would find a handi-person and negotiate a reasonable rate for hir services.  Similarly this PA would find a reasonable yard service that doesn’t have to be told every single week not to cut the grass so short, not to use leaf blowers, etc.  So, I guess a good PA would mainly find ways to spend more of our money.  I’m guessing we will never get to that point.)  I do know economics professors who have personal assistants, but they’re dual-economist couples at top schools who are jointly making somewhere around $500K/year (or more).  So, maybe the answer is $500K/year, adjusted for inflation?  Must be nice.

Is this why obnoxious people say you cannot possibly be rich in the Bay area on a mere 300K/year?  Because they can’t afford to live the life of movie stars from the 1930s?  Is this why the evil rich want more income inequality, so it’s easier to hire competent servants?

How could you become more obnoxious with (lots more) money?  Giving to charity or saving it not allowed for this thought exercise!  Hiring a toothpaste sommelier, on the other hand, is totally allowed.

*Two thumbs up for their Moscow mule.  Also the chocolate egg creme.

link love for grading jail

Three black teens are finalists in a NASA competition.  Hackers spewing racism tried to ruin their odds.

Meet the tick that’s making Americans allergic to meat

ICE held an American citizen in custody for 1,273 days

Fascism update:  The Justice department deleted language about press freedom and racial gerrymandering from its internal manual

Washington post has a much better opinion section than does NYT. Here’s an underused hashtag.

Thread (tw:  sexual abuse in early modern Japan)

Lord grant me the chutzpah of a mediocre white man. Not that I WANT to poop outside but just the feeling that I *could*


Trump was outrageous in Michigan.  So where’s the outrage?

Approved jokes for the WH Correspondents’ dinner 2019

Hat tip delagar for this story

Therapy is not magic (tw: child abuse, sexual abuse)

This assignment seems pretty awful

The end of the damsel in financial distress (h/t a gai shan life– we stole a couple links this week)

Investing is boring

Congratulations to nzmuse!

Financial anxiety to confidence

End of semester questions

Not a general interest is really selling this stylus

What happens when you have no deadlines

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Where do you think Dinny is now? (Who is Dinny?, you ask?)

An alternative to stitchfix

onion ninjas

bunny manifesto

Ask the grumpies: What is your favorite movie?

Leah asks:

What is your favorite movie?

#1:  I guess maybe the Princess Bride?  Though it does bother me how it doesn’t pass the Bechdel test, it’s still a really enjoyable movie.  I used to say Captain Blood and Tales of Manhattan, but I haven’t seen either in well over a decade and for all I know the suck fairy has visited them.

#2: I’m not sure. But recently I saw Black Panther and y’all should go see it!


  • I hate it the way people in the South default to Mrs. instead of Ms. in writing.  (In speech it all slurs to Miz.)  The thing that bothers me about it is not the assumption about my marital status, but the way that they call me Mrs. Maiden, when properly I am Mrs. Married.  (Legally, I am Ms. Maiden or Dr. Maiden, but I’m not picky about that outside of my work.)  I have the weirdest grammar OCD triggers.
  • It also really really bugs me when people write beta * X instead of X * beta when X is a vector and not a single variable.  How do journals let this get through copy editing?!?
  • I have recently done some interdisciplinary work with non-economists that’s been placing in interdisciplinary journals.  It is insane how much faster and easier the publication process is with these.  First off, the papers are a lot shorter and aren’t criticized for telling part rather than the entire story.  Then the turnaround is so much faster!  And they ask for so much less on the revisions.  And they’re so positive.  And there’s fewer revisions.  My n isn’t very large right now, but man, this could get addicting.  I wonder how much of this is the anonymity (reviewers don’t know who we are) and how much is the lack of anonymity (editors do, and my credentials seem to be more impressive to non-economists than to my peers who also have the same or better credentials).
  • I made another obscure academic pun.  I crack me up.  But I don’t crack anybody else up.
  • *this* year’s mother’s day tea (with the kindergarten) specifically says that the person taking place of mom if she can’t come must be a grandmother or aunt (so no dads– I will be interested to see if the fathers day donuts thing has similar instructions) AND that younger siblings need to stay at home.  So… sucks for both working moms AND SAHM this time around.  At least it’s at 8:30am which is before work instead of in the middle of the day.  I’ll be at a conference in another city though.  I really hate these taxes on parents.
  • It has become even more difficult to view facebook and twitter if you don’t have an account.  That makes it pretty clear that it’s not advertising that they’re trying to sell– if that were the case, they’d be happy for me to read through and they’d just show me more ads, especially on the facebook pages for business.  No, they want information.  They want a world in which corporations are big brother and can perfectly target… and possibly more.  All those mid to late 1990s movies were pretty prescient.  Information is power.
  • Did you ever have one of those days where you thought you were gonna leave the house and be all together and collected but then it turns out later you’re not as together as you thought?  For example, I need a belt.  I do not have a belt.
  • I have to take an online course in order to be allowed to telework.  Yay?
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