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This is sickening.  (tw: torture, murder, immigration).  Student from Iowa killed 3 weeks after ICE sent him back to Mexico.

Trump backs court case to allow insurers to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions and to charge people more based on their health status.  He has asked that these provisions not be overturned until after the Midterms for political reasons.

This week in Fascism.  Justice department seizes NYTimes reporter’s phone and email records.

This week in corrupt private prisons

Hillary Clinton talks about the current ICE situation separating kids from families.

Didn’t see much coverage of last weekend’s protests, but they did happen.  #familiesbelongtogether

You had one job

Solid burn

Journalists need to call lies lies

Corruption used for good?

How Ireland cock-blocked bad behavior online

A pep talk about how we all need to help make the Blue Wave happen.

training for college student organizers

Some discussion about the cake ruling

Spoiler:  It is not wrong to shame shamers!

A good counterpoint to some financial advice for “teh poors”.

It is ok to want more money!

Sitcoms about the working class

We are currently unable to comment on several blogspot blogs.  (We’ve also been able to comment but probably got sent directly to spam by Miser Mom’s blog…)  So we can’t comment on this post by Something Remarkable.  Neither of us has sold a house, so we don’t know! But if you’re asking, is there a really big amount that you’re allowed to get for capital gains on a primary residence that you’ve lived in a longish time without paying federal taxes, the answer is yes (and here’s an updated for 2018 post on the topic).  Looking at the comments today it looks like you were asking a much simpler question though.  You’re asking:  If I bought a house for 100K, and I have 50K remaining that I owe on the house if I pay it off today, and the buyers pay $200K for my house, then how much cash do I get when the transaction is complete… you should bet 200-50 = 150K, minus transaction costs.  (Note– this is what Amanda E Perrine said in the comments.)  I don’t think that’s the same as your equation, though I’m not clear on a couple of the variables in it.  Your capital gains would be a more complicated question, one that takes into account your purchase price and then I think some upkeep stuff but I’m not 100% sure, but if your current price is similar to your original purchase price, then there’s no way you’re going to have to pay capital gains so you shouldn’t need to dig up improvement documents.  As for the deep existential questions posed in the comments, SUNK COSTS.  (But you do you.)

Freedom calculator

This person has good taste– I will have to check out her other recs

Congratulations Stacking Pennies!

Life with cats

Q:  What do you do?
A:  I’m an economist
Q:  Oh, what stocks should I pick?

(This is why one of hobbies is personal finance:  true story.)



5 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. Miser Mom Says:

    Whoops! Apparently, a week or so ago, Blogger stopped sending me email that there were comments “awaiting moderation”. There were a bunch of piled-up comment I hadn’t seen (and only a few from plumbing depots or solar light warehouses, blech). Sorry about that — I’m going to try to keep an eye on that now.

  2. Anu Says:

    Thanks for the continued links to the horrifying immigration stories. I must admit I never read them and in fact scroll through them while averting my eyes because I just find the whole situation so unbearable, particularly since my own nine month old is currently playing on the floor with daddy, but it reminded me to donate a large chunk of money to fight this stuff.

    Also thanks to the link for the blog with Heyer-ish recommendations – Heyer is my absolute favorite and The Grand Sophy is probably my favorite Heyer so I will follow her recs too.

  3. rose Says:

    1. Remember that historically in this country’s insurance calculations: being born female is a pre-existing condition that means you will pay more for your insurance your entire life.
    2. When a child is separated from a parent at the border, and later the parent is deported as their asylum case is denied; I hear the child is not returned to the parent. Let’s really look at that issue honestly and publicly.
    Thank you for link love posts.

  4. accm Says:

    Jordan Peterson is a Canadian national embarrassment.

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