• Lately I’ve been feeling a bit creative about foods.  For example, I recently decided to make savory pancakes with Northwoods seasoning (similar to Emeril’s, but available from Penzey’s– kind of a paprika thyme garlic salt mix) and no sugar, just eggs, flour, a little olive oil, and seasoning.  We also made a roasted red pepper dip that I really want to add sour cream to and use as the base cream for a vegetable tart which would be like a fruit tart but with roasted veggies instead of fruit and this red pepper cream instead of custard.  Maybe puff pastry on the bottom.  I wish we still had easy access to WW puff pastry squares with butter like we did back in Paradise.
  • When dealing with blog/internet drama, we often ask, “What would Scalzi do?”  That’s generally a good guide.
  • I made the mistake of looking at the youtube comments on Georgy Girl (the song) and they were full of misogynist men ranting about feminists and how songs like this were so wholesome (and to go to the Ukraine to get wives because they’re totally subservient)… but… Georgy Girl (the movie) is one of the least innocent movies I’ve ever seen.  Maybe these commenters see themselves in the position of the creepy rich old man at the end (more likely they just don’t actually know anything).  (Georgy Girl is definitely a movie that works as a cautionary tale for women to never be dependent on a man!)
  • I’ve noticed my OCD tendencies gradually getting worse.  I suspect this has to do with feeling like I have no locus of control with world events.  So nameplates need to be centered and teas need to be organized and categorizing things is even more soothing than usual.  (Looking at my home and workplace you’d never know I had these tendencies unless you looked at my spices or my bookcases.  I am a very alphabetized slob.)
  • My fear of crowds has also gotten worse since I had that panic attack at the first women’s march.  I had to do CBT breathing walking around a dealer’s hall at a spec fic convention in a nearby city, which is something I haven’t really had to do before because the level of crowding didn’t used to hit my panic-meter (unlike, say, amusement parks during the busy season).
  • I am excited that wide pants are coming back (at least where I live– my most recent trip to the east coast shows they’re still wearing skin-tight pants) and that ripped jeans are in and that it’s summer.  This means I was able to unearth my favorite pair of jeans that got put into storage many years ago because the knee is ripped across and I am a grown-up.  They are SO COMFY!  And fashionable!
  • If you hate a lot of people, chances are I am one of them.  (Not counting the hate we should all have for fascists and racists and Nazis.)  Except #2 likes me, which is the exception that proves the rule.
  • Obviously the room labeled “Quiet Area” is where you go to have a conversation. Of course. Because it’s quiet.
  • DC1 was in the “worst” (and largest) of 3 orchestras in middle school this past year.  Zie was kind of upset because zie had hoped zie would at least make it into the middle orchestra after the previous year, even though zie started a year behind (in 5th grade zie played trumpet while we were on leave instead of violin).  Zie worked super hard this year, practicing at least 30 min/day every day and doing more pointed practicing (zie read the intro to “Practice Perfect” and a lot of what hir previous orchestra teacher had been trying to say about how to practice finally made sense), and we got a better (and very strict) outside teacher who started teaching hir basic stuff like how to correctly hold a bow.  (DH and I both played brass so we are completely clueless when it comes to strings.)  Zie is one of TWO kids moving from the enormous “bad” orchestra to the smaller “best” orchestra.  (Most of the movement comes from the middle orchestra to the small best one or from the best players at the previous school.) We weren’t expecting this outcome at all– DC1 had been hoping to make it to the middle orchestra and is worried that zie isn’t ready for the small elite one, but we have 3 months and lots of summer lessons for hir to get ready.  I’m super proud at how hard zie has worked.  :)
  • The fourth child (third daughter) of DH’s relative is going to graduate from high school a year early (!) and has definite college plans.  She wants to be either a teacher or a journalist, but probably a teacher (because her top choice state school isn’t the journalism school but has a good teaching program).  We told the relative not to bother with community college since she’s state-school eligible and we would 100% foot the bill.  We’re trying paying for high school summer camp for her even though that didn’t work out well for the oldest when we tried 7 or so years ago because of homesickness.  But they are different people.  And if there is homesickness, I guess that will help make the community college or not decision.  It would really be nice if the last two kids get degrees right out of high school.
  • i made chicken tetrazzini (cooking light style) and I really liked it.  It was a real comfort food which is odd because it isn’t one my family made, but definitely a midwestern potluck staple.  So much comfort food that is out of style these days.  I did leave out the pimiento and increased the mushrooms and roux (with milk in place of water) instead of using a can of cream of mushroom soup.  So updated a bit and the cooking light version had more veggie than the tetrazzini of my youth.
  • I saw a high temp forecasted for tomorrow and I said, I kid you not, “Holy schnorkles!”  I do not know what has happened to my words.
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18 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Leah Says:

    I love chicken tetrazzini. And always yes to roux instead of condensed soups. Less salt that way. I really don’t like way salty food.

    How awesome that you are supporting your relatives. Does she have good scholarships? How do you afford to pay for state school for her?

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      No, no scholarships. I assume there will be need-based financial aid. We can afford regional state schools and had set aside money for the first two daughters but they ended up having babies instead. The third kid is still refusing to apply or to take classes. This fourth one hasn’t gotten in anywhere yet and needs to get her SAT up another 10 points.

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Also: Call your senators! One of mine hasn’t signed onto a bill yet, but he has stopped saying family separation is a good thing and has started saying the pictures are bad. Which is progress. He didn’t develop a conscience; he had his office inundated with calls.

  3. dmacdumes Says:

    I didn’t know anyone but me still watched “Georgy Girl”! Besides having wonderful performances by all involved, it’s worth noting that Georgy is the dynamic force of the film. She gets exactly what she wants, no matter who tries to control her. Old James may be old and rich (and maybe creepy at times), but by the end of the film he’s about to have his life reorganized.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Think how much better if she didn’t need a man in order to chart her destiny. If she wasn’t sexually harassed by her parents’ employer. If her first boyfriend wasn’t a Peter Pan wannabe. Men don’t come off looking very good in this movie.

      • dmacdumes Says:

        And maybe that’s the point. :-) Ultimately men in this film are superfluous! It’s the strong woman who can do anything.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        They’re not superfluous though– they’re sexually harassing and using her. They still hold the power even though they’re losers. Her “win” forces her to be married to an old man she doesn’t love who has been harassing her in her own home where he employs her parents since she was a teenager. Just because he isn’t going to get what he wants (a nubile bed partner) doesn’t mean that the whole system isn’t screwed up. This isn’t an women’s empowerment film. It’s a film about a woman who makes the best of choices that suck. Thankfully we have the #metoo movement that’s making it clear that getting to sleep with someone who holds professional and career power over you isn’t a great option, even if he gives you a marriage certificate in the end. In a better world she’d be able to have a family with a man who respected her and didn’t just want her body. (This goes for the peter pan jerk too.)

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        9-5 is an empowerment film where strong women can ultimately do anything. None of them end up marrying the boss and he gets his just desserts instead. Though I feel sorry for his wife.

  4. chacha1 Says:

    congratulations to DC1! That’s brilliant!

  5. becca Says:

    There is no finer response to the hellacious weather we’ve been getting than “Holy schnorkles!”

    And yes, congrats to DC1! :-)

  6. First Gen American Says:

    Wow. It is such an amazing feeling when your child makes you proud and seeing them grow and mature.

    I need to work on that more myself. Good grades are a given and I am usually disappointed when they get honors and not high honors because I just know they are capable but careless. I don’t acknowledge the things they do well enough. I surprised myself by being so proud of younger son’s soccer prowess of late. Playing sports is important but being good wasn’t the biggest priority and I have never been one of those soccer moms that spends all her free time at games, yet here I am proud.

    So glad your niece has mentors in your family as well as financial support. Gainfully employed adults do give back way more then they ever received to get to that place. I really believe in financial aid and scholarships. Couldn’t be where I am today without them. That is why the main outreach stuff I do and give to is for education. It fixes so many ills.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      The orchestra director also wouldn’t let DC1 take the easy options for the final exam– zie basically said that DC1 had to create a theme and variations on hall of the mountain king without looking up the sheet music and not use the easiest kinds of variations. It sounded really amazing (we got to hear it a lot because DC1 practiced it a ton). DC1 has also been playing with piano variations for fun… I remember creating variations on Heart and Soul, but zie has been doing full body variations on stuff like When the Saints go Marching in. (Sadly, none of this stuff counts for getting into junior honors society because it isn’t competitive, but I think it’s worthwhile anyway.)

  7. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Congrats to DC1! When did you start them on instruments? Was it all personally chosen?

    I hate a whole lot of people but I’m pretty sure I like you. Both of you.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      We like you too! Another rule-proving exception?

      DC1 started piano at 5, it was sort of a joint decision. Trumpet was age 9 (stopped after a year)– zie got to choose from a limited number of options at school, then violin age 10 (we were heavily pushing brass, but zie had a rare opinion, so we respected it).

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    […] research summaries (sometimes written by economists).  The last book she read in this vein was Practice Perfect.  She is looking forward to reading Defining Marriage by Matt Baume which she got for her birthday […]

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