Link Love

Let’s start with things you can do to help before getting into the why we need to help.

Here’s scripts from Celeste Pewter.  (You can also check her twitter account daily for things to do.)

The Texas Tribune has been doing an amazing job of reporting on the migrant situation.  You can donate to help support them here.

Here’s something an invincible summer is doing.

The next big protest is June 30th.  See if there’s one in your area.

Suggestions from Slate

Here’s a letter that academics can sign

(The rest of wandsci’s thread is worth reading as well– she asks, where’s your line and gives some suggestions for things you can do.)

When someone (*cough* the Atlantic *cough*) says that what’s happening now isn’t the holocaust, remind them that the Nazis didn’t start with gas chambers.  Here’s a compelling thread showing the parallels between now and 1933.  We must fight.  We must stop it while we still can.  It isn’t the holocaust *yet* and we’re the only thing keeping it from happening.

In case you were confused about what’s been happening, here’s a thread from the Texas Tribune from before the EO was signed.  The Texas Tribune is doing really amazing reporting and explaining on recent issues.

Reveal News report documents that immigrant children have been forcibly injected with powerful psychiatric drugs at a US gov’t shelter outside of Houston.

Reports of physical and verbal abuse against migrant children in at least 3 federal detention centers

Separated children headed towards shelters with a history of abuse

Members of congress are barred from talking to children at border patrol facilities, they cannot take photos, and they must give two weeks notice before visiting.

Children get their stuffed animals confiscated when they are taken into custody.

10 stages of genocide

Not the onion…

GOP bills to lock up families together are fulfilling the Trump Admin’s wishes

Psychologically damaging children is the goal

We are torturing children

If you missed the audio of crying children separated from parents and Border Patrol agents joking about it… you can link to it here.  Heartbreaking.

An American citizen discusses the effects of family separation

There is no decency

Dads get organized to fight for sensible gun control legislation

Data visualization on distressed communities

Yet another PF blog thinks about families

Fear prevents Hispanic citizens from using government benefits for their kids.

LGBT dance party for Mike Pence

The only good kind of civil war reenactment— Buffalo soldiers won’t you come out tonight?

You can donate used clothes in good condition to hospitals.

Congrats to donebyforty!  (We left a message about diapers, but apparently it got eaten)

Nono the foster bulldog



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