Sad update on Little Kitty, and no kitchen renovation this summer

Little kitty has had repeat ear infections for a few months now.  After the last round of treatment, she suddenly started losing her balance when walking.  We left her at the vet and the vet found a tumor in her ear canal.  A biopsy showed (a week later) that it was malignant.  The surgical specialist we were referred to did a bunch more tests (~$1.6K worth) including a CT-scan and determined that the tumor was very large and in a bad position in her ear (the bottom of the ear canal L) and had caused additional bone growth.  That means it was inoperable.  The tumor itself was slow-growing but had started to affect the nerves on her left side.  We were given the choice between radiation treatments which could not shrink the tumor or stop it, but just slow the growth.  She would still have all her dizziness.  And there’s no research with numbers telling us how much time the radiation would buy us or how effective it is without surgery (there’s a lot of research on radiation in conjunction with surgery, but not radiation by itself).  The other choice was hospice at home.  And they would give us good drugs to ease her pain.  With Little Kitty being 15 years old and having difficulty walking, we opted for hospice.

They did quote some prices for the radiation therapy, but I forget what they were (we’d pretty much decided before the vet brought up prices and were grieving pretty hard when she mentioned them).  I think maybe a couple thousand for the 5x treatment and ~6K for the 20x treatment, but don’t quote me.  But even if it were free we would have made the same choice.  If the radiation could have shrunk the tumor and brought her straight walking back, we would have paid it.  But we wouldn’t have paid an infinite amount– DH and I discussed earlier what our limits were… more than 30K we wouldn’t pay, under 10K we definitely would and would only consider what was best for Little Kitty.  In between 10 and 30 we’d have to think about it.  I feel guilty about this– if it were my children I would mortgage the house and go into debt if we needed to (heaven forbid), but our beloved 15 year old Little Kitty… no.  She is more important than a kitchen renovation (or a new car), but there are limits.

In any case, I don’t want kitchen repair people around the house with Little Kitty doing hospice.  She deserves peace and quiet and treats and chicken and time curled up on the sunny patio.  And headbonks and love.  New counters can wait.  Not all decisions are determined by money.

We love her so much.

23 Responses to “Sad update on Little Kitty, and no kitchen renovation this summer”

  1. Fiona McQuarrie Says:

    So sorry to hear about Little Kitty’s condition, but good on you for making her your priority right now.

  2. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    So sorry to hear about Little Kitty. These are very tough decisions, but she will spend her last days comfortable & knowing she is loved. This is the best we can do for our four legged friends.

  3. First Gen American Says:

    Sad news. I am sure you will make the most out of your time left.

  4. Linda Says:

    Poor Little Kitty. Providing comfort care for her now is the loving thing to do. I hope you and your family take comfort in knowing you’ve given her a grand life.

  5. Bardiac Says:

    I’m sorry for Little Kitty. But it sounds like you made the best decision possible for her care. Wishing you comfort.

  6. rose Says:

    sympathy and support!

  7. Matthew D Healy Says:

    Sorry to learn our poor kitty is gravely ill; I agree keeping her as comfortable as possible is the right decision. We had to say farewell to our beloved 19-year-old cat a while back; she had chronic kidney disease.

  8. Dame Eleanor Hull Says:

    Poor you, and poor Little Kitty. It’s so hard to make these decisions, but as the Comrade says, she’ll be comfortable and loved, and that’s what we can do for our animal companions. Scritches and treats all round.

  9. yetanotherpfblog Says:

    Poor Little Kitty. You’ve been good family to her. At least she’ll have peace and your love to comfort her in her remaining time.

  10. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    I’m so sorry. Her last days will be peaceful, warm and snuggly and full of love. That’s all we can do for them when we have no idea if further treatment would do them any good, and is the far kinder choice when they’re old and the prognoses are bleak. I put my dogs from my childhood through all kinds of lifesaving treatments and in hindsight I realize that that was for me and not necessarily what was best for them.

  11. Leigh Says:

    I’m so sorry about Little Kitty.

  12. Xin Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Little Kitty. It’s so hard to know what to do in situations like this. It sounds like you’re doing all the right things to keep her comfortable and make the most of the remaining time.

  13. Leah Says:

    Oh, Little Kitty. So sorry about the rough diagnosis. May you savor many snuggles this summer.

  14. monsterzero Says:

    Aw, poor baby. You have my condolences.

  15. Cloud Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Little Kitty. Wishing you (and her) lots of snuggle time during the hospice period.

  16. JaneB Says:

    So sorry to hear this. Lost my Furball to something similar in March (she was 17 and the vet said that they didn’t want to put her through the tests when her symptoms were either just aging (e.g. going deaf, her allergy-snuffling apparently getting worse with no external trigger) or something which wasn’t treatable at her age with an elderly cat’s heart). It’s part of loving them – the pain proves the love in many ways – but oh, empathy from an internet stranger, and lots of extra love for Little Kitty.

  17. hannahviolin Says:

    Ugh I’m so sorry. I can tell you guys care about her, and it sounds like the best decision. But that sucks.

  18. bogart Says:

    I’m so sorry.

  19. What Now? Says:

    Oh, the poor girl. And poor you all, who love her so much.

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