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We’ve now hit the point where it is as bad as I thought it would be back in 2016.  We did delay them for two years.  This could have happened a lot faster.  And even more terrible things will keep happening if we don’t step up (read this about how apartheid happened in South Africa).  I’m going to another protest today in the hot Southern sun, because that is something I can do.  I don’t want to.  I hate protesting, but every call we make, every additional protest sign, every donation, every person we get to vote, even every tweet or post slows down the horror that is currently happening and saves lives.  I am overwhelmed and back to getting my news through a few twitter feeds, but every morning I do a political action.  I’m trying to focus on what I can do, not what I can’t change.  There is nobody to save us but ourselves.  We cannot be complacent.  We must fight.

Something folks in both red and blue states can do to fight is to call their senators or visit them to keep a horrifying supreme court justice from being installed.  Here’s indivisible’s guide to that.  Folks with Democratic senators should be really clear that they don’t want their senators to play nice.  Folks with Republican senators need to make it very clear that there are levels to which the Republicans will not be allowed to stoop.  Now is also a great time to look into your local elections and see who is running and how you can support the good people.  Look at swing states and see who you can support in those states as well.  SwingLeft is a great resource for that (here’s how to join).  And be sure to look into contested elections outside of the senate as well– governors, deputy governors, attorneys general, these all can have lasting impact federally as well.  State legislators and reps can determine how gerrymandered districts are and how difficult it is for people to vote.  State-wide political signs are popping up all over my neighborhood, something I haven’t seen in 8 years, and unlike 8 years ago, they’re all for Democratic candidates.  Another list of places to donate to help immigrants.

Bardiac talks about going to a Republican town hall in her state

Immigrant toddlers ordered to appear in court alone

ICE spokesman quits after being ordered to knowingly lie.

National guardsman:  Immigrants are “lucky we aren’t executing them”

Boston public schools helped ICE to deport children

Resistance ramping up

The legitimacy problem arising out of the interaction of mccconnell/garland and Russia and the 2016 election

How about it?

Arguments about civility are never symmetric.  It’s always, you must bend over backwards while I kick you where it hurts.  It’s:  you can’t politely tell someone they are not welcome to be served in a restaurant, but then death threats to the restaurant workers are just fine.  (#restaurants4sarah) We want more pies in Nazi faces, more prosecuting death threats.  Also, keep not dating neo-Nazis/fascists.

We must protect Due Process.  No one is safe.

Do you have Plan B?

Turns out women actually do ask

Unpopular policies in visual form

Diversity in silicon valley?

Barbie Robotics Engineer

DC1 is having some trouble understanding why geometric proofs are so picky and seemingly convoluted.  I dug up this list of jokes.

Oxford comma

Quotes from this season of the bachelorette

This isn’t completely accurate, but mostly so.  (Ex, you still owe SS and Medicare with a part-time job!)

The changing disutility of work


Let your browser tabs cheer you up with puppies and kittens


4 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. rose Says:

    As always you have done an excellent job of rounding up relevant articles. Thank you.

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  3. rose Says:

    If you have not subscribed, or unsubscribed try: Jen Hofmann
    Jul 1 at 7:05 AM
    Americans of Conscience Checklist
    Week of July 1, 2018
    This newsletter has been mentioned on this site before. It provides information and even scripts for communicating with your elected officials. Also for praising those whose actions support humanity even if they are not in your party or your electoral area. Please support this effort with your calls etc.

    By talking with care I have now gotten 6 under 28year olds (not my family members!) to vote for the first time, I have explained gerrymandering, ‘Jim Crow’ laws that are happening today, how areas can and have made it harder for some demographics to vote by restricting polling places, what happens if birth control is no longer free & when 18 is the age children are no longer covered by their parent’s insurance, that women actually are not covered for equality under the constitution, that people who get social security and medicare benefits have actually contributed to these programs, that the government has used these funds to pay for other programs causing shortages that have not been repaid, etc. And not all at once, in tiny doses and very carefully following their questions.
    What is not taught in our high schools today is shocking. I have also explained why it is important to vote, and to always keep checking your voter registration to ensure you are not purged by ‘accident’ ~even if you did vote in the last election and that special election voting or not voting counts if someone wants to purge demographics or geographical voter registrations lists, to keep screen prints of your being registered to vote showing date of proof.

  4. hannagreen Says:

    I’m Australian and all I can do is urge you to fight and fight now while it’s still new. We have a brutal inhumane refugee policy (offshore detention of boat arrivals in tiny island prison camps) and I can tell you after a few years it starts to seem normal, the left side of politics makes concessions and so many people just don’t care anymore. Can’t count the number of pitifully attended matches I’ve been to. I don’t think even we are taking children from their parents though. Keep fighting!

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