Link Love

WordPress informs us this marks our 8th year of blogging.

Millions of dollars in ads are coming in to support the evil supreme court nomination, and we don’t know who is paying for them, and we won’t.

North Carolina early voting debuts a diabolical new republican ploy to suppress black turnout

Letters from moms whose children were taken away

Pregnant women miscarried in ICE detention and did not get care they needed

Migrants describe hunger and solitary confinement at for-profit detention center

Immigration policy change threatens non-citizens with deportation if they lose status — like, even if they’re on a student visa, if you ask to change your status and they say no, then they can rescind your student visa(!)

Only 57 kids have been reunited so far.

Investigative reporters find some of the girls.  Really amazing reporting.

Private prison company moves annual conference to Trump-owned golf resort

Judd Legum lays out Friday’s indictment in a few tweets

This graph.

Completely neutral race blind college admissions questions

Most racist moments in Disney movies and cartoons

Fired (Areanet) guild wars 2 writer was given no warning.

Game Workers Unite releases statement about areanet firings

Women developers are now being attacked en masse because of AreaNet’s decision.

Don’t sleep with your students!

This week in Not the Onion

Here’s Trump attacking George HW Bush’s call for volunteering... I just… why are we living in a super villain comic book without super heroes to save us?  (We must save ourselves.)

Yes, the number of food recalls has been much higher this year than in recent years.  Vegetable trays.  I don’t have a link, but also throw out your honey smacks cereal.

Money only buys happiness for a certain amount ($95K/person)

Ways to feel rich

She is interesting


Cold noodles in chilled broth

This is cute (though not 79 pounds plus work cute)

Texts from mittens

New orangutan

Gorilla first steps

5 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. Dame Eleanor Hull Says:

    Congratulations and happy blogiversary! It seems longer, but I suppose that’s because you post frequently and at length (and thoughtfully, amusingly, enjoyably!), so your archives are fuller than those of some of us who have been at it for longer.

  2. independentclause Says:

    I found the don’t sleep with your students article refreshing. And depressing. I am a faculty brat, and have been involved with academia one way or the other most of my adult life. Yes, some of my friend’s parents were formerly faculty and student. But like the letter says, true love waits until you are no longer faculty and student. And the rest is just fucked-up boundaries.

  3. rose Says:

    Billion dollar industry!!!!!!! Prison for children. Part of making America great again … like having Russia stand for breast feeding babies while one nation stands for formula industry profits, because we all know $ trumps children.

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