Link Love

Drinking toilet water and more torture stories about abuse for child detainees in the US

Even more horrible stories about immigrant children being tortured after being separated from their parents at the US border.

Dark money groups no longer need to disclose donor groups to the IRS with new Treasury rule

Official Whitehouse transcript is missing most explosive part of the Trump-Putin press conference.

But when a *man* says it…

1985 death row final statement

Another white US terrorist that barely makes the news

Republican men on paying for their mistresses’ abortion and similar things

Leigh discusses her current career situation and women in tech

Women in tech and money

In case you were wondering who the women in the Maroon 5 video are

She did not buy a new car

Debt free!

How to restart your writing practice

library reopens after 9 months

What is the lioness and the cheese grater? (NSFW, maybe?  though you could read a 22 page scholarly article on the topic…)

Sleepless fantasy comic

An apple for a dollar

Clawsome humble bumble

Beth Stern’s cat foster home

Sooo cute


2 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. rose Says:

    Thank you again. Very helpful and informative. REALLY appreeciate what you do to create this each week!

  2. SP Says:

    Thanks for sharing all of these important links (and the fun ones too). The news cycle last week was nuts with everything going on and this doesn’t feel like real life… You always have a few good links that I missed with helpful perspectives and actions.

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