• My car just starts now when I try to start it.  It’s amazing.
  • I made shrimp paste for the first time and it was surprisingly easy and surprisingly tasty.  I may need to try some more retro sandwich pastes now.
  • We’re starting to get into the dregs of completing my best of cooking light cookbook.  That sometimes leads to surprising discoveries, but more often there’s a reason we put off those recipes instead of doing them right away (usually because they look like effort, and they turn out to be effort).
  • Grrr.  Stupid Republican Tax Bill means that I now have to pay taxes on my already too-expensive work parking.  But there’s really no way to not have an annual permit given where my office is.  (Like, we could move our housing and live closer to a bus stop, but there’s no way to live in walking distance.)
  • We did back-to-school shopping later than usual this year and man was it picked over.  And what is up with schools wanting 12×18 papers of various kinds and neither Target nor Walmart stocking them?
  • DC1 has recently discovered that if you want to keep your new card deck from clumping, you have to wash and dry your hands before touching it.  (DC1 is really into card tricks these days.)
  • One of the daycamps (a programming camp!) we were sending DC1 to had a truly ridiculous waiver that they wanted us to sign off on– absolving them of all wrong and disallowing lawsuits even should they be criminally negligent and agreeing to pay their court fees should we sue anyway.  We refused to sign it.  They let us drop DC1 off anyway, but then called and said they couldn’t take hir so DH had to pick hir back up.  All of the camps we send our kids to have waivers and some are pretty silly (the university math camp last year listed “pencil injuries” in the form blank of example injuries), but this one seemed dangerously so.  Especially since it’s a small company and doesn’t have the reputational concerns that say, the university has (although they said the rule was a franchise rule).  Ugh, so that’s another $400 of DDA account money that isn’t getting spent, on top of the $295 for a camp that was cancelled.
  • On Sunday we didn’t have any posts queued and #2 suggested a summer vacation for the blog.  Except I’m sure there’s a question I need to ask you all but I cannot remember what it is.  Wouldn’t it be horrible to have no readership and no twitter account when I needed advice on a purchase?  So that’s why this RBOC is [ed:  was before I put in a couple more bullets Monday morning] shorter than usual– it was pulled from drafts without having time to truly marinate.
  • Remember that whole house water filter we bought that took forever to get installed?  This is a picture of the first filter after 3 months.  No wonder our unfiltered water was so gross.
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12 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. NessieMonster Says:

    Eewwww, that water filter is so gross!!!
    Hurrah for your car working properly!

  2. bogart Says:

    The water filter is, indeed, gross. Yikes!

    Waivers: I always make DH sign those (I think we have had only 1 camp require both parents’ signatures). If you were choosing whether DH or I were going to sue you for harming our child in any way, you really, really, really would not want me to be the one who had not signed the waiver. Also, I am told those are pretty much legally irrelevant, at least in our state (with the possible exception of stupid stuff you shouldn’t consider suing about anyway), that they exist mostly in hopes parents will believe they are binding/meaningful but that in fact they are not. FWIW.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      This was the first one I’d seen that said that parents agreed to pay for the bad guy’s court cases if they did sue (after the part where it says that the parents waived their right to sue which, as you note, is legally suspect). We sign the lawsuit waivers all the time, but I don’t want to be testing whether or not we have to pay their lawyers if they’re criminally negligent.

      I did not know the other parent could sue if only one signs! That’s good to know, and if we had known, DC1 might be at camps these next two weeks possibly learning computer programming (but also possibly not learning it– DC1 has been to a number of “programming” camps that aren’t taught by people who actually know what they’re doing, although this one promised python instead of scratch).

      • bogart Says:

        Yes, the “agree to pay” bit is creepy. Also, forgot standard disclaimer, you should of course be aware that I have no legal training, even if I do occasionally pretend to :) in blog comments.

  3. SP Says:

    I thought our work parking is still pre-tax, but haven’t looked into it… I assume this is nationwide, so… hmm…

    Yay on the water filter!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      It’s a “the tax law is unclear but the university is guessing it isn’t” thing according to the email we got– your employer may guess the opposite direction! I think it’s related to the “reimbursed moving for work expenses are now taxable income” part of the law. Republicans sure are no longer even pretending to be fiscal conservatives.

      • sarah Says:

        Yes, my university is also guessing that parking and public transportation costs are now taxable. It is quite the controversially subject as the university is deciding whether to back charge for the tax or eat up the costs. Lots of unhappy people.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Ugh, we haven’t heard about back-charging for last year. Hopefully that means they’re eating it. or that they decided we *actually* paid for it in the 2017 tax year and it’s only going forward that it matters. We’ll see what happens…

  4. Revance @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    I had to sign a ridiculous waiver along the lines of allowing them to use our child’s image in anything they want ever for a birthday party and I was rather hostile about having to sign it just so ze could play for 25 minutes. I did check to see if there were cameras but didn’t see obvious ones so I signed with disgruntlement but will be following up later to insist that that be removed from our signed waiver.

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