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This week has been such an insane week work-wise that basically we wouldn’t find out what was happening in the world until the evenings.  A lot happened in the world.

Over 500 migrant kids are still separated from their parents weeks after court deadline, including 23 kids under age 5.  I don’t know what the action item is here, other than to give another donation to places like the ACLU and Raices Texas.

Betsy DeVos wants to fund guns for school.

ICE detains man driving pregnant wife to deliver their baby.

Down with Silent Sam, and down with the NC State Legislature in November.

Beto O’Rourke defends NFL Players who take a knee.  He’s a good one to support, all you blue-state folks in safe districts wondering where to send your campaign contributions.

Teen Vogue’s story on the women sexually harassed by former Northwestern professor (triggers).

Don’t have sex with students bingo card

This looks like a good important book that neither of us could handle actually reading (all the trigger warnings, also an amazon affiliate link)

MassPoliticsProfs shares a personal-political post

Related:  Why that feel-good news story should make you feel very bad

Jenny Han talks about the importance of Asian Americans on screen and To all the boys I’ve loved before.  (Which is also a fantastic book, btw, though IIRC her first series, before this one, is a bit squicky in terms of age differences and young protagonists.)

Donate supplies and gift cards to former foster kids moving into the dorms at UCLA (I always give feminine products off these kinds of lists because they’re necessary and they’re usually one of the last things funded)

How much it costs to give birth in every state

Public pension plans with higher fees have worse performance

Stacking Pennies discusses Ambition in her 30s

The misunderstood science of sexual desire

Corn that doesn’t need soybeans or fertilizer

This is an amazing performance

This truly is the greatest twitter scheme.  Is this the real life?

Like most people, I’m secure.

One Response to “Link Love”

  1. rose Says:

    Fund guns~~~ not textbooks or teachers or structurally safe schools or clean water. Guns.
    Thank you Ms. DeVos.

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