• DC1 has always been exactly average height for hir age/non-skipped grade.  DC2 has always been a bit tall for hir exact age, which put hir as average or a little above average for hir grade (because zie has a late summer birthday), but over the summer this year, zie has gotten HUGE.  Zie is towering over kids in first grade with early Fall birthdays.  Zie isn’t the tallest, but zie is close.
  • Also this summer DC2 decided to skip over things like Magic Treehouse or Cam Jansen or the A to Z mysteries and go straight from books with lots of pictures and badly behaved main characters (Bad Kitty, Franny K. Stein, etc.) to Harry Potter.  We’re not quite sure how that happened.  Or where to go from here.  Zie also loves Ramona books.  Basically it seems like zie completely skipped things at 2nd-4th grade reading and interest level other than a brief flirtation with Junie B. Jones.
  • Did I mention that DC2 is absolutely brilliant in math?  Zie has this amazing intuitive understanding of the number system that makes my heart happy whenever zie explains connections zie has figured out to me.
  • We got the learning outcomes for first grade.  They want kids to end at level “J” which is where DC2 ended Kindergarten before this big reading advancement this summer.  And math looks like another completely uninspiring year.  If zie was better at Spanish this would have been a very good year to skip.  But hir teachers seem nice, and oddly they both already knew DC2’s name at back to school night (not true of all of the kids), so maybe they’ve been warned.  They’ve also re-sorted the GT kids across the two classes — I think maybe by gender.  Sadly DC2’s best friend is in the other dual-language class (which was also true last year– they hang out in the after school program), but happily zie isn’t stuck with the one GT kid who actively doesn’t like hir, and there’s not just the one.  (Last year there were 2 in DC2’s class and 4 in the other class.  This year it seems to be 3/3, girls in one class, boys in the other.) [update!  The GT kid DC2 was paired with last year didn’t show up, so they put *all* the GT kids in DC2’s class the first day of class.  DC2 is thrilled.]
  • DC1 has gotten into geometry proofs.  It was hard starting at first– I’d forgotten how frustrating it always is to start a new proof-based subject not knowing what you’re allowed and not allowed to assume.  (I remember back in Number Theory in high school where we had to prove addition (using definitions for distance, IIRC) before we could assume it!  That was super frustrating!  And then in Real Analysis in college we proved addition in a completely different way (set theory, I think?), but that was more in the middle of the semester and less frustrating.  Math is so amazing with the way it all just works.  Well, except for paradoxes and unprovable things but those are really cool too.)  And this is hir first foray into proof-based anything so zie hadn’t had the experience of being initially frustrated an then getting used to the new rules.
  • There’s a new teacher for geometry at the middle-school, coming over from high school.  She sent a very nice email talking about how she’s not really sure how to go about teaching the class in terms of homework and lecture vs. classwork and providing the schedule for the class.  There’s about a 6 week unit on proofs, but the rest is non-proof stuff, including a unit on the end on construction, so I feel vindicated in going through proofs with DC1 this summer.  Plus I had forgotten that the book I’m using has a lot more intro-to-proof stuff that will be useful in later classes that isn’t necessarily there for geometric purposes (indirect proofs, paragraph proofs, etc.)
  • After being obnoxious about two column proofs and complaining that paragraph proofs were somehow better, DC1 has converted into a two column proof evangelist.  They take less writing.
  • DC1’s feet are the same size as mine now.  Hands are still smaller though.
  • My kids are seriously into seaweed snacks.  I don’t understand it at all– I couldn’t handle the taste of dried seaweed until late college, and I still prefer more mild seaweed on my sushi.  (Seaweed salad, otoh, is delicious and has always been.  But that’s a different thing.)

9 Responses to “RandomBraggingOnChildren”

  1. rose Says:

    Hope being tall is celebrated … watch for slouching and head craning down poor posture. IF female, focus on all the tall women of beauty AND BRAINS in the world and history … Jackie O and Michelle O are two who instantly come to mind. AND, do not let others put age inappropriate demands on child just because of height.

  2. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Seaweed salad is fabulous. As are your children.

    JB doesn’t at all have the patience for the Magic Treehouse yet but still totes the books around and passes them out telling us to read them to zir. I wonder if ze will ever get into them.

    I had forgotten about the Ramona books a little, are they worth adding to the library?

    Yay for not being put in a class with kids that actively don’t like our kids though.

    What math did you start with around the preK and K levels? As someone who really internalized her inability to comprehend math once we hit Algebra, I’m having all KINDS of anxiety about not passing that inability and prepping JB for the work.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      DC1 didn’t care for Ramona (really zie only liked the runaway Ralph books). So far the only books they’ve both loved were the bad kitty books and anything by Jim Benton. And now Harry Potter.

      Singapore math is great. We also like the brain quest workbooks.

      Don’t worry about not passing on ability— worry about not passing on anxiety!

      • gasstationwithoutpumps Says:

        Singapore math is indeed great (that’s what my son used for about 4 years, when the schools couldn’t provide math challenge at his level). You might also want to look at Beast Academy, which is newer, but something we would have used if it had existed.

      • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

        Thanks M&M and gasstationwithoutpumps! I will look into both.

        Also I’m working REALLY hard on feeling neutral instead of anxious when we work on numbers and math.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        I recommend joy. :)

        Your kid is 3 right now, right? Probably what you want to be focusing on is numbers out in the wild, so count swing pushes, fingers, manipulables, etc. If you get a bunch of standardized objects of different colors (manipulables– we used gaming pieces, but I think I have a post with amazon links somewhere) you can do simple addition (two red + 3 blue = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 legos!). How many kisses do you want? One two three! Now how many? Two? Ok, Four Five! Three plus two is five! Workbooks are good once DC starts being able to write numbers, but the concepts can start long before then.

      • gasstationwithoutpumps Says:

        Yet another suggestion for people with young kids: https://talkingmathwithkids.com/

  3. becca Says:

    I wish my kiddos loved seaweed salad, because I like to mix it with avocado and edamame and NOM IT ALL!!!

    My kiddo liked some of the Ramona ok, but Henry doesn’t do it for me. Socks is super fabulous though, and I didn’t remember reading it at all. Recommend for households with the kitties!

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