I don’t even know what to title this post: more bus stop drama

Remember this post about the lady who blocks the bus with her SUV every school morning during dropoff?

This year her youngest daughter is the only other person assigned to our bus stop.  Everyone else is now in middle school.

On the first day of school, she informed DH that she was moving the bus stop so that it would be the de jure bus stop listed online rather than the de facto bus stop that the neighborhood kids had been using for years.  Since the one listed online is directly across the street from our house, we did not complain.  The bus first stopped at the old stop and then moved forward to the new stop.  The new stop is 3 houses away from her house rather than the 5 houses before.  (Yes, it is ~80 degrees in the morning.  Yes, there are sidewalks, though she would have to cross the street from her house to use them.  Yes, I have seen her and her two daughters walk longer distances from the school parking lot to the school front door and I’ve seen the daughters run around the playground without any apparent ailments so I don’t *think* there’s a disability, but disabilities can be invisible, so maybe there’s a reason for her to drive instead of walk.  They all look like they’re in great shape, and they have a ton of equipment in their backyard but you still never know.)

Importantly, with the new stop, she can just drive straight to get there.  There is no need to turn on the busy street.  There is no need to park where the bus is supposed to pick up kids.  And indeed, on Monday she just pulled through and stopped on that corner.  I thought, how lovely, this solves the problem of her being a thoughtless person.  I don’t have to seethe silently this year whenever DH is out of town.

On Tuesday she got to the stop early and decided that she wanted to make her U-Turn *before* the bus got there rather than after (note:  there are actually several ways to get turned around on this street without doing a U-Turn or 3 point turn at all because it’s a cul-de-sac with a side-loop and also there’s nobody living in the house where the bus stop is right now, so she could even park in the driveway there), so she U-Turned and then had to cross the street with her daughters on foot.

On Wednesday she decided that was a terrible idea and instead of pulling through, made a right on the busy street, made a U-Turn in the middle of the busy street, and parked right where the bus is supposed to stop.  Then, because she had come early, she came out with her daughters and I think wanted to chat.  But instead I asked, politely (honest!), “Isn’t that kind of dangerous?” and she asked what?  and I said, “blocking where the bus pulls up?”.  And she said that the bus driver didn’t mind in the afternoon when she does it at pick-up.  She had asked him at pick up.  She could ask him now.  How is it dangerous anyway?  And I said that the bus had to stop in the middle of the street and the kids had to walk into the street to get on it, and it seemed dangerous to the kids and to the cars.  [Yes, I know cars are supposed to stop both ways for school buses, but while the ones behind usually do, the ones going the other direction often don’t.  And although this street isn’t that busy at 6:50 am, there are still cars whipping around the corner of my house which is a bit of a blind curve in the road.] And she repeated she could ask the bus driver.  And I repeated it was dangerous.  And she asked if I wanted her to move now, and I gave a micronod.  And she moved her car to the corner of the cul-de-sac (after making a U-turn so she would be pointed in the direction home) and crossed the street.

And the bus came and I told DC2 to stand back on the sidewalk.  And her kids remained balanced precariously on the curb so the bus couldn’t really pull up that closely without endangering them if they fell.  The bus came, I left, she talked to the bus driver, but I did not overhear their conversation.

The next morning I thought to myself, omg, I sure do not want to see her again, but DH is on a business trip and I have to be home to take care of Little Kitty (it would turn out to be her last week with us) and lock the door behind DC1 before heading into a long day of work.  I am an adult, I told myself, this was not that big an altercation.  I can do this.  So I went to the bus stop with DC2.

And the SUV didn’t come.  The bus got there on time at 6:59 and her SUV turned right on the main street at 7:01 after the bus had left and I was almost to my house.  Ok, I thought, either she had trouble getting everybody ready this morning, or she misjudged how much time it would take to avoid me, not expecting the bus to get there on time since it hadn’t the first three days of school.

Then on Friday she didn’t show up either.

And here’s the funny part.

When DC2 got home, zie told me the daughter was *already on the bus* when DC2 got on.  That means this woman is driving to another bus stop to avoid me!  All because I suggested she park someplace that was safer and *actually less effort* for her to wait.  I hadn’t said anything before because it was more effort for her to pull into one of the side-streets last year, but in this case it seemed like there were easier alternatives (if there’s a disability, then parking on the side-street part of the corner is the same walking distance and less driving!).  I didn’t even tell her it was less effort, I just used the questioning tone women use when they’re being polite to suggest that blocking a school bus could potentially be dangerous, explained why when asked, repeated that I thought it was dangerous, and then thanked her for moving her vehicle.  None of the kids had even seemed to notice the conversation and DC2 was confused about why the daughter had moved bus stops, which is how we found out.

The big question I have (well, actually I have two, but I will never know the answer to the question of whether or not she blocks the bus at the stop she drives to because I am an adult and I have better things to do with my time) is whether or not she will return to the bus stop when she realizes it’s DH standing there with DC2 (and will she block the bus?– DH tells me he has no intention of fighting this fight.).

14 Responses to “I don’t even know what to title this post: more bus stop drama”

  1. CBS Says:

    I’m super bloody minded so would wait for the bus at intermittent intervals so the woman never knew when you’d appear. But I regularly mortify my British husband with my American forthrightness on the bus – ‘Sorry, you’re right in the way!’ ‘That’s actually where the buggy goes but there are seats behind you!’

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    https://5calls.org Has new scripts up for opposing the Kavanaugh nomination. Call today. Call tomorrow. Call all week. Call if you are in a red state or a blue state or a purple state. Get your friends to call. The fate of our country hangs in the balance.

  3. CG Says:

    I get along pretty well with most people, so by this point in my life when I encounter someone whom I can’t stand, I feel confident in saying that the problem lies with that person, and not with me. That woman is clearly nuts. Am I understanding correctly that before the change she drove her children a block or so to the bus stop? Good grief!!

  4. rose Says:

    It is always good to remember crazy things people do on a neighborhood level. (Not have their child walk 5 houses!!! Block a bus stop.) Especially in light of other concerns on larger scales. I’d be inclined to wait and see (and tell us) if she reverts now your husband is back to her prior actions. You always improve my mornings, thank you!

  5. Anoninmass Says:

    I could say Probably a few things in this but I’m gonna stick to one. In my small community it’s been almost two years since a third grade girl was run over and killed by her own school bus. 100 percent driver error.
    People don’t f*ck with the bus stop or the bus driver.

  6. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Hey EVERYONE (in the US who is allowed to vote in the US): CALL YOUR SENATORS TODAY ABOUT Kavanaugh.

    Why? Chuck Wendig has been retweeting things people are finding in the documents that Cory Booker et. al just released against the will of the Republicans. They’re horrible: https://twitter.com/ChuckWendig

    Do you think programs for Native Hawaiians are constitutional? That women should have the right to bodily autonomy? That there’s still racial discrimination in our country? That supreme court candidates should not be allowed to perjure themselves? And on and on and on…

    CALL YOUR SENATORS. Your blue state senators need to know they did the right thing releasing those documents even though the senate rules say that they can now be removed from office. Your red state senators and purple state senators need to know that Kavanaugh is UNACCEPTABLE. He cannot be allowed to be confirmed.

  7. First Gen American Says:

    Our safety guy at work says you should always point out unsafe behaviors and I am glad you did. If a kid got hurt because of her stupidity, you may have felt badly for not doing or saying something earlier…just like politics. When it comes to safety doing nothing is the wrong thing.

    It’s so odd at how some people will go to great lengths to avoid conflict. What’s wrong with having a dialogue about safety anyway? You were civil about it.

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