Link Love: Save the Supreme Court Edition

Save voting rights!  Save reproductive rights!  Save the integrity of the court (what’s left of it, anyway).  CALL your blue state senators and tell them to keep up the good work (especially those of you with heroes on the judiciary committee!).  Call your red state senators and tell them Kavanaugh is unacceptable.  Call your senators and tell them to say no to Kavanaugh.

This thread is an amazing recap of day three of the hearings.  Well worth reading.

Evidence of perjury… and there’s a lot more evidence now.


Kavanaugh clerk flashes a white power sign… claims it was ironic, but was it really?

Kavanaugh refused to shake hand of father whose daughter died in Parkland, then it gets worse.  No amount of soccer driving makes up for this lack of empathy.

Just a note to Lindsey Graham– when the constitution was written 231 years ago, abortion was legal in the US.  (Poisoning a pregnant woman, for example, by poisoning her well, could have additional penalties in some states, but that was to protect, not restrict, the woman in question.)

Kamala Harris grills Kavanaugh

Nobody wanted Kavanaugh, even before the perjury, well, except rich supervillains

Immigration applications purposefully being slowed down

343 parents deported without kids still missing

How ayn rand made it into classrooms

Trigger warnings harassment at a convention

I recently had an econ textbook sent to me where the first paragraph was asking the reader to imagine buying a gift for their girlfriend.  So basically, only heterosexual men, bisexuals, and lesbians are allowed to be economists.  I sent it back with a note saying I would never adopt it.  This physics book is even worse.

Social rules at a CS convention

This week in fascism


I do this… I didn’t even realize I did, but I do.

Scalzi on 20 years of money

2 year FIRE anniversary

Stata pitfalls

Social media things

read to the end


3 Responses to “Link Love: Save the Supreme Court Edition”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  2. rose Says:

    So….. when the Constitution was written abortion was legal and women were not afforded equality or protection as Senator Graham points out neither word is in the Constitution……… Is that how the Senator thinks things should be?

  3. Frugal Humanist Says:

    Thanks for the linklove!
    Here’s a great suggestion to help save our reproductive rights:

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