Ask the Grumpies: Where to donate

bogart asks:

I’d like to give some $$$ (well, realistically, some $) to one or more campaign organizations (really organizations supporting campaigns, if you see what I mean — not candidates’, and probably not the Democrat’s, but something like Indivisible or Flippable that is working strategically nationwide to effect change by electing the good ones). Any you would recommend?


Nationwide movements that are looking strategically (in addition to the afore-mentioned Flippable):

Swingleft, Indivisible

Help marginalized people vote:

Voteriders, Let America Vote


There’s also a lot to be said for looking locally– depending on where you are, your dollars might make a difference in a local election, and local elections determine gerrymandering.

I’ve been trying to do a political action every weekday.  Since I am phone-less (phone free?) for about a week, that means I’ll be giving money places.  For example, today I did a bulk buy order for campaign pins that I’m going to give to a student activist I know to pass out.  Any suggestions you have in the comments have a good chance of receiving my money this week or next!  (Also, can you guys call about Kavanaugh or another important issue since I’m out of commission for a few days?)

What organizations does Grumpy Nation suggest?


9 Responses to “Ask the Grumpies: Where to donate”

  1. slnoonanj Says:

    Ditto on the local/state issues. For instance, I live in Massachusetts, and we’re going to be sending all liberal Democrats to Congress. However, there is a question on the ballot to repeal a law giving transgender people access to public facilities. I just donated to that (Yes on Three – that would keep the law in place) – my yard sign should be coming soon!

  2. bogart Says:

    Thank you for posting this!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Thank you!

      Though it doesn’t look like people want me to give their favorite activist causes money!! (Apple got my phone today so it is very likely there will be more days I’m not doing calls…)

  3. Cloud Says:

    I give to 3 campaigns every pay day. I pick my campaigns via a combination of looking at the Cook Report’s ratings, personal connections (my location, where I grew up, etc), and my own particular vendettas against politicians who have particularly annoyed me. So… last time around I donated to Amar Campa-Najjar, running against the corrupt Duncan Hunter in a district near my home (not my district, though) -sadly, it is likely that Hunter will win despite being under indictment, but there is a chance Campa-Najjar pulls off an upset by tapping into some communities that don’t usually vote in midterms. I also donated to Kyrsten Sinema (running for the open AZ Senate seat) – both because she has a chance of winning and helping to flip the Senate, and because it would make me so happy to see a Democrat representing my home state.

    But I also donated to Beto O’Rourke before that race looked all that competitive, just because I hate Ted Cruz.

    I usually give to 2 House races and 1 other race (Senate or gubernatorial), because I think we really need to flip at least one house of Congress, and the House of Representatives is more likely.

    I think giving to Swing Left would do something similar, but I like picking specific candidates, so that’s what I do.

    Another good organization to donate to for voter registration efforts is Mi Familia Vota – they focus on Latinx voters. Those voters could make a big difference in AZ, and also in the Campa-Najjar race I mentioned. Also, I just think our country is better off if all groups turn out to vote.

    I also write postcards. Right now, I’m working my way through a group of addresses from Postcards4VA. They are focused exclusively on House candidates in VA. I’ve also written for postcardstovoters, which writes for candidates at all levels.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I saw Beto on Colbert– I kinda think he might be competitive for president. Let’s hope he takes the Texas senate seat!

      Mi Familia Vota sounds great! And thank you for all your efforts!!!

  4. FF Says:

    I suggest the SwingLeft district fund for NY-19, which is currently rated as toss-up. Please help us get rid of incumbent Rep. John Faso. Among many other bad votes, he was a key vote bringing the AHCA to the floor and then voted for it. Our Democratic nominee is Antonio Delgado, who supports universal healthcare, women’s rights, and education.

    NY19 Votes is another organization looking to flip our district by increasing voter turnout.

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