• I generally do not at all mind unsolicited advice.  Either it’s something I’d been wondering about or hadn’t really thought about and I welcome it, or it’s something for which I am very set in my opinion and said unsolicited advice allows me to provide my own advice in response, which is probably one of my favorite things to do.  I understand that this is one of my odd quirks that makes me an acquired taste.  Possibly because I have a pretty strong personality.  I’m not the wasabi of personalities, nor am I the anchovy… hm… maybe I’m the beet of personalities?  (I love beets!)
  • I need to do more stretching exercises because my muscles have been getting cranky.  But I just cannot with Yoga with Adrienne (which my sister is always pushing on me).  Why is it that “No BS yoga” courses cost so much more than the ones that come with a big side order of woo?  Really what I want is a physical therapist who will come into my home and tell me exactly which stretches to do to fix my problems.  Preferably one who is ok with me wearing my pajamas.  If I ever become obscenely wealthy, I will have to put a PT on staff.  (Spoiler:  This won’t happen.) (#2 would like to take this chance to plug the work of Jessamyn Stanley.)
  • DC1 somehow managed to get a sock on the top of hir ceiling fan.  :/  I am always finding kids’ (and *cough* my) socks everywhere in the house, but this was a new location.
  • DC1 and I have the same shoe size now.  So I ordered a pair of tennis shoes in hir size for me from Zappos.
  • DC2 got in trouble and we sent hir to hir room.  The next day I found a post it note on my desk where one side said “tickit” and the other side said, “for sending me to my room”.  DH got one too.  (I told hir that was inappropriate and not appreciated… but still…) (#2 thinks this is hilarious.)
  • Another year, another phonecall from the school in which I have to say, “Can you call my husband about that?” even though it says to call him first!  This one also had the benefit of calling my cell in my office where I don’t get much signal, so the person couldn’t even hear half of what I was saying.
  • I have to make a confession.  I don’t like the idea that Bert and Ernie are a couple because I think Bert can do better than someone who, as my 6 year old says, “is always messing with him”.  I’ve always felt that Bert and Ernie had a big brother little brother kind of relationship and that’s the only way it’s made sense that they live together.  (And rationally I’ve always figured their relationship was based on The Odd Couple for laughs.)  Ernie is such a jerk to Bert so much of the time, and Bert does not seem to appreciate Ernie’s practical jokes.  It’s not a healthy relationship.  (Disclaimer:  I identify with Bert and Ernie reminds me of my little sister before she hit her 30s.)  Evidence:  Ernie eating crackers in Bert’s bed, the banana in the ear practical joke, etc.  Plus, Ernie doesn’t appreciate that Bert can see beauty in the commonplace, such as the loveliness of Linoleum. Yes, I have spent a lot of time thinking about this.  I’m on board with Sesame St having gay couples that have healthier relationships– I don’t think that Bert and Ernie is a great relationship to emulate.

What foodstuff would you liken your personality to?

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21 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. slnoonanj Says:

    So I am not getting any money for plugging this, but I use FitnessBlender.com for workouts. They have a whole bunch of free online videos – and there are a variety of stretching related ones. I’ve been using them for weight lifting – trying to get strong arms – but I do their stretching ones from time to time too. They’re all free, so worth a try perhaps. You can pay to have buy one of their programs, but not necessary to start.

  2. Mel Says:

    On the yoga front, I’ve been using the Yoga Studio app (http://www.yogastudioapp.com) for about 6 years every morning. One time cost — I think it was $4.99 — and I never have to leave my house. I even added my own music to it. I’ve created my own classes in the app, but I usually stick to the flexibility ones that come with the app. It’s the only thing that helps my back.

  3. yetanotherpfblog Says:

    Most of the time I liken myself to a banana, pleasant but not too overbearing. A good daily staple without extravagance. Lately though I’ve been feeling like a grapefruit, could be a frequent breakfast item for those inured to it but kind of tart with a weird aftertaste. Also frequently mistaken for an orange (i.e. everyone gets my name wrong and sometime misgender me though I am a cis-woman?).

  4. Leigh Says:

    I have figured out that I can iMessage a voicemail to my husband. So if you don’t pick up when the school calls, then you can iMessage their voicemail to your husband? Still obnoxious, but helps with the fact that the condo’s property manager only ever calls me.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      If I don’t pick up, they will call him. But when I see the local area code, I pick up because it could be an emergency, they could have tried to call him first, it could be an admin from my department, or it could be my doctor’s office which doesn’t leave messages.

  5. CG Says:

    I’m totally with you on the Bert and Ernie subject: I always thought they were brothers. Their relationship always reminded me of that of my grandparents, which was not a particularly healthy one (my grandpa was Ernie, fun-loving and jokey but not always kind with the jokes and not sensitive to what bothered my grandma and my grandma was Bert, a worrier whose responsibilities weighed heavily–even the body types worked). Again, not what you’d want to model as a good same-sex relationship. I’m choosing not to assimilate that info into my worldview.

  6. chacha1 Says:

    I would be one of those foods that seems kind of smooth at first but has a bitter aftertaste.

  7. crazy mama, PhD Says:

    I too have spent way too much time thinking about Sesame Street and I agree about Ernie and Bert. Ernie is rather rude to Bert a lot of the time, and Bert is (perhaps understandably) pretty dismissive of Ernie. I also don’t like when people insist that male characters who are good friends must be gay, as though straight guys can’t have close friendships.

    DC2 giving #1 a “tickit” is cracking me up.

  8. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  9. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  10. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  11. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  12. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  13. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    I’m not sure what the right parenting response to those tickits is because they’re hilarious and a comparatively more appropriate response than my kid’s current response level which would be screeching at the top of zir lungs and hitting. But is that something we encourage or discourage? I mean, I don’t want zir to think ze isn’t ever allowed to question authority but at the same time …..

    I didn’t watch enough Sesame Street to ever get a read on Bert and Ernie’s relationship so this sounds about as plausible as they seemed as a couple. I’ve got friends with spouses who are frankly awful to them and so someone who is forever pranking them even when it’s not appreciated is par for their course. Which stinks.

    I eat yogurt even though I dislike it because it’s good for my gut. Maybe I’m unsweetened yogurt – probably good for your insides but not that pleasant in the eating.

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