Updates on two major purchases/repairs

The Iphone

  • In the end I decided to send the iphone in for a repair rather than spending a day driving.  This meant I would be without the phone for 3-5 days or 5-10 days, depending on which piece of information one read.  On a Monday we contacted them for a box.  On Wednesday the box arrived.  On Thursday we sent it to Apple.  On Friday they received it.  Monday morning ~10am it returned to us.  So, all-in-all not bad.  They sent back the same phone, not a refurbished model, and the battery is at 100% capacity.  I am getting used to my battery not constantly dying.  Total cost:  $29 for the battery replacement (price will go up to $79 in January) plus $6.95 s/h plus taxes, all-in-all under $40.  So… would recommend, though it was weird being without a phone for several days.
  • By the time I got the phone back, iOS 12 was out, so after an initial download and the standard everything updating battery drain, my phone seems to be back to reasonable battery use.  iOS 12 also has way better battery diagnostics.  There does still seem to be excessive drain on the battery if I’m in an area with bad cell service (like my office at work) unless I switch to low battery mode or turn off the cell.

The new mattress

  • We bought the Loom and Leaf relaxed firm bed which was a horrible dreadful no good very bad mistake.  After one night my back was screaming in agony.  So we flipped it over to the hard side (it is not a flippable bed) which, while not exactly comfortable, didn’t make my back cry out in pain.  And then we spent a few days formulating a game plan for going forward.  We spent a Sunday trying a lot of mattresses in town.  I determined that yes, there are some memory foam mattresses that I like, but only the super firm ones, so DH paid $100+ to switch out the Loom and Leaf mattress to their firm version.  If that didn’t work, then our next step in the plan was to buy a $4K tempurapedic.
  • The switched out FIRM version of the Loom and Leave mattress was great.  It was better than all but one of the mattresses we tried on our mattress trying spree (the 4K tempurapedic was marginally better, but none of the other mattresses in the store were better).  I slept great, AND I can’t feel DH moving around (unless he hits the bed really hard) which is the BEST.  So… if you’re like us, stick with firm beds, and the Loom and Leaf for $1700 plus tax is a good decision.  The relaxed firm was a disaster.


10 Responses to “Updates on two major purchases/repairs”

  1. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    I tip my hat to you being without your phone for several days. I don’t like what it says about me that I really wouldn’t want to do that even though I’m guessing it COULD be absolutely fine. I sense this is the beginning of accepting that I have an addiction….

    Yay for finding the right mattress!! Very glad for you. I held my breath at the start of that update until it had a happy ending.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      It was either that or drive an hour and a half (and back again) possibly two days in a row. My phone was definitely getting unusable on its own. I did contemplate buying a new one AND getting this one repaired, but cooler heads prevailed on that front (I couldn’t convince DH he wanted an upgraded phone).

  2. SP Says:

    I promise i tried googling and ended up on the apple website, but came up empty. How did you confirm your phone was eligible? I have an iPhone SE that has crappy battery life.

    • SP Says:

      OK nevermind. I re-googled and found it right away, and it would be $30. https://support.apple.com/iphone/repair/battery-power

      I’m not sure whether it is worth it, because my GPS has been wonky for 6 months and regularly loses track of where I am. I am seriously considering an upgrade anyway, but probably should be more through in seeing if i can debug the GPS issue. Seems like a hardware issue to me though.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        It’s only $30, and only that price for a few more months. I suppose if you’re going into the store you can ask them about the GPS issue as well… New phones are not cheap!

      • SP Says:

        The GPS thing is kind of a big deal if I can’t resolve it with some debugging. I’m bad at directions and it has caused some issues. My other motivation is to get a camera upgrade. I figure there will be lots of kid pics taken in the near future. I was kind of waiting to see if black friday resulted in any good sales, although it probably won’t and I probably will just suffer with dodgy navigation capability until something worse happens to my phone.

        The battery issue is only mildly annoying because I just charge it often. I suppose that could get worse and might be worth taking the gamble to fix while it is still $30

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        If you’re going to get the battery replaced anyway, why not ask them to look at the location tracker too?

      • SP Says:

        I’ll ask, but I’m not optimistic that will be fixed within a reasonable fee. but we’ll see, maybe i’ll get lucky.

      • Leah Says:

        also, new phones are huge. I bought an iphone X after having a 5s (roughly the same size as an SE). It is giant!

  3. Leigh Says:

    I’m glad the battery replacement was helpful! Thanks for the tip on the new battery screen – that looks spiffy!

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