Special Thursday Activism Post: What I’m doing this weekend! (Also: Early voting has started in some states!)

So… I have to confess that although I’ve been really impressed with the postcards 4 voters things I’ve been seeing people do online, it’s really intimidated me.  I am the opposite of artistically talented.  So as much as I’d like to send postcards and NOT CALL PEOPLE (I hated being phone-banked at last election), I thought that maybe my efforts wouldn’t be good in that respect.

Then one of my friends showed me these:

And I was like… wait… I don’t have to hand draw/color in the cards?  I can just GET cards that are already decorated?  Where do I get these cards?!?!?

And she said, “Amazon sells them.”  And I was aghast.  Amazon DOES sell them!  And many other cuter options as well!   I feel so dumb.  I ordered 200 postcards and they should be coming in the mail today.   Then I went to the USPS stamps website and got 200 shell postcard stamps.  (Sadly seashell is the only option.)   I’m gonna give half of them to some undergrads to do with as they wish and I’m going to see what my little family can get done with the remaining.

(If you don’t want to do post-cards but do have a printer and some regular stamps, this looks pretty darn cool:  https://votefwd.org/ — my sister lives in one of those districts… do her a solid!)

In addition to that:

On the day early voting starts, my department head will have sent out an email to all majors with an email I drafted that encourages those registered out of state to get their absentee ballots now if not sooner, explains how, when, and where early voting happens for people registered locally, where to get information on candidates and local races, what to bring to the voting booth, and how to vote on election day.

(Academic readers– can you do something similar at your school/ in your department?)


I’ve been going crazy giving money to local campaigns.  Bogart just sent this link and I gave.  November 2nd isn’t very long from now.  Presumably my political giving will die down at that point.

I’m going to hand out more campaign pins since I got another 100.

I have never done much of anything for an election before.  Like, I’ve voted, and I’ve given money to candidates here or there, but never this level.  This is my first year of registering voters.  This is my first year encouraging people to vote.  This is my first year of buying pins.  This is my first year of buying a yard sign (we have 3)!

My only hope is that if someone like me is doing something for the first time, then lots of someones like me will be doing something, and all this doing something will make a real difference in the outcome of the election.

Because I can’t stand another year of kids torn from their parents and a president getting a pass on tax fraud and constant worries about health insurance…and everything else (climate, social justice, women’s rights…).   We can’t count on a blue wave– we have to BE the blue wave.

Tell us what you’re doing!  Even if you’ve told us before!  It means so much to hear we’re not alone.

14 Responses to “Special Thursday Activism Post: What I’m doing this weekend! (Also: Early voting has started in some states!)”

  1. NessieMonster Says:

    I live in the UK but I’m so thankful for the work you are doing around this election. I really hope things will change for the better so the US can limit the damage it’s incumbent president is wreaking on your country and the world.

  2. chacha1 Says:

    I’m continuing to support Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, and Audubon (effective lobbying for the environment from all three), and ACLU; and have been giving through ActBlue. Beto has gotten numerous contributions, the situation in Texas just gives me the heebie-jeebies and I really really hope activists on the ground there can move enough people to get that festering pustule Cruz out of office.

  3. Maren Says:

    Yes!! I phone banked for HRC once, and gave to a few political campaigns in the past. Had an Obama magnet on my Prius that I loved.

    I’m doing so much more now – donating way more, phone banking, texting, even knocking on doors. Planning to work on hand written GOTV letters this weekend, then more block walking and texting. I hate phone banking, I actually find block walking slightly less terrible (it’s GOTV efforts to likely dema).

    Go everyone! I hope we can pull this off!

  4. Cloud Says:

    Oh man! I should have made it clear with all my postcard writing plugs – I print postcards from templates! I don’t hand draw anything. I might write some extra things on the templates, but I don’t do anything artistic. That is also not my skill set!

    Anyway, welcome to the postcard-writing crew. The more the merrier!

    I’ve made myself a goal of writing at least 5 postcards/day until it is too late to send any more for the midterms. I will also be picking campaigns to donate to, since I get paid tomorrow.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Your writing is also a lot nicer than mine, but my printing is better than what you see pictured(!)

      I love your updates so much! They always make me feel like what I do is worth it and they encourage me to do more.

      I need to do a single post-card tonight and take pictures so I can get approved by the postcards for voters thingy before the weekend.

      (On my walk today I also gave pins for a candidate to a grounds crew guy and a security guy. So far everyone seems really happy to get pins.)

  5. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    By the way, if you can’t write letters/post-cards, you can subsidize stamps for the letter-writing campaign via this link: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/vote-forward

    (I have to say, I did have some irritating thoughts this morning about how someone with a PhD in economics from a top school and not great handwriting is going to be spending the weekend doing something that she definitely does not have a comparative advantage in…but we do what we can and it’s so important.)

  6. FF Says:

    I’m canvassing for Antonio Delgado on Saturday.

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