Ask the grumpies: how do you feel about facial hair

Leah asks:

What is your stance on facial hair? Are you ever sad that you can’t experiment with that? It seems both itchy and fascinating to me.

#1: … I actually could experiment with it if I wanted to.  PCOS allows me that possibility, so long as I’m ok with variations on the Fu Manchu.  I don’t find it itchy, but societal expectations being what they are, I am quite happy that this $450 home laser treatment thing has worked so well for the coarse dark beard hairs on my face.  So much less plucking and only occasional touch-ups.  It will be sad when my chin whiskers turn white and no longer respond to the laser.

In terms of my significant other, he either needs to be clean shaven or have facial fur that is long enough that it’s gotten soft.  The tiny knife stage is the WORST.

#2:  My feelings on facial hair are “generally against, but you do you.”

5 Responses to “Ask the grumpies: how do you feel about facial hair”

  1. Leah Says:

    ooh, I have my own tag? I should stop ghosting. I read every morning but haven’t had much time to write comments (and hate writing on my phone). It’s a curriculum revamp year for me in one of my core classes.

    Facial hair . . . I’m glad I don’t have it. I like my husband with some facial hair. I agree about only in the soft stage; stubble is not my thing. These days, the perpetual 5 o’clock shadow is popular, and I don’t understand.

    Agreed with #2 on “you do you.”

  2. rose Says:

    As a well-socialized older American woman I prefer to limit and pluck facial hair below my lower eye lid level.

  3. chacha1 Says:

    With the caveat that I know people grow beards for all kinds of reasons, some of which I even find valid, I personally do not like long beards except on wizards. A close-trimmed and either well-shaped or full beard can be quite attractive. Men who try to grow full beards and cannot should concede, and either go with a mustache or a Van Dyke (commonly miscalled a goatee. A goatee is Col. Sanders). Otherwise IMO it’s the beard equivalent of a comb-over. Also not a fan of perpetual 5-o’clock shadow. A genuine 5-o’clock shadow is one thing, but preciously maintained stubble is quite another.

  4. First Gen American Says:

    I hate seeing food stuck to people’s facial hair when they are eating…ala big Lebowski. I find it gross. I’m not anti beard but it should be groomed so I don’t have to look at the crumbs and beer foam in it. There’s also a work person I know who’s constantly petting his beard. It’s super annoying. I want to scream…stop touching yourself! It’s un-professional. I guess I’d feel the same if I saw a woman play with her long hair all the time too. I didn’t think I minded it but generally I guess I am not a fan.

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