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Want to help get another Democrat elected?  There are two ways to remind democrats to vote in upcoming runoff elections in a couple of weeks.  The first is via Postcardstovoters (last I checked they still have addresses for Senatorial Candidate Mike Espy) and the second is via VoteFwd (Georgia Secretary of State runoff).

Nancy Pelosi is amazing.  Don’t let the bad guys smear her like they did HRC.

Don’t let the bad guys write a false cat-fight story between Ocasio-Cortez and Pelosi either.  It’s not cool when they do it with musicians, and it’s less cool when it’s politicians.

Read this excellent interview from an expert about what groups are best for white women to target (it isn’t the Trump-loving white women).

Facebook reportedly paid for smear campaign against George Soros

What happened in Porter County, Indiana on election day and after.

Casseroles that won’t fix any of this

IPUMS is AWESOME!!!!  I gave them money for their fundraiser.

Yay Linda!

10 things to remove from your resume

Extending the life of your smartphone

Ariana Grande and resilience

She Ra is getting good reviews!

How did this get published in nature?

A parody paper in solid state physics from 1931

I like these

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