Moar questions from Google (and answers from us)

Q: why do greek jews call the grandmothers nonna

A:  we donna, do they?

Q:  how can i describe my cousin’s punjabi wedding in brief?

A:  Carefully and with correct grammar and sentence structure.  Definitely not by copying it off the internet.

Q:  know googly questions

A:  Not as many as we used to!  Now it’s mostly just people looking for essays on weddings they’d attended.

Q:  is not napping an early sign of giftedness

A:  It can be.

Q: give me an example of a narrative composition eg how was your aunt’s wedding

A:  No.

Q:  are mechanical engineers become good husband?

A:  or wives!

Q:  do more intelligent toddlers need more sleep

A:  It probably depends on how they spend the rest of their time.

Q:  which is better; tiaa or vanguard?

A:  If you need your hand held a little bit, TIAA.  Otherwise, Vanguard.

Q:  describe my cousin’s wedding

A:  But… I wasn’t there!

Q:  can parents force you to do something

A:  Not anymore!  Being an adult is AWESOME.


People continue to search for weird things.  What is the weirdest google search you’ve done recently, Grumpeteers?


9 Responses to “Moar questions from Google (and answers from us)”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    Why are you getting so many wedding questions? Have you been secretly moonlighting as a wedding blogger on the side?

  2. Veronica Says:

    I just went and read your wedding essay, and the linked one about your rigid Catholic relatives. And I am consumed with curiosity: if some of the kids are grown up now, how did they turn out?

    (My weirdest recent Internet search is probably “yeshua 666 israel arizona” because I was randomly wondering about a very, very strange street preacher I encountered in my long-ago undergrad days.)

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