Link love

Thousands more migrant children were separated from parents, according to new watchdog report

Young trans children know who they are

A handy way to keep track of your senators’ and reps’ votes on issues important to you. Of course there are other ways to look them up but this has a nice interface.

TW:  sexual assault.  We all have to survive

Mixed race authors writing books with mixed race characters

black feminist bookshop

Variation in women’s success across phd programs in economics

RIP Jack Bogle

This is a good description of anxiety

If you liked tough mudder you’ll love the latest obstacle course for adults: navigating your depression

Some controversy about the gilette ad. #1 liked it, but is disappointed that they’re only showing it online, not on TV. Good way to target demographic but not really that brave.

Modern building materials

How I fought through burnout and found a new career

So many ads for underwear

Amazing paper art (h/t revanche)

I am hooked on these videos

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