Ask the grumpies: What would happen if trump was impeached?

Omdg asks:

What would happen if trump was impeached?

Here’s a step-by-step primer from cnn.

5 Responses to “Ask the grumpies: What would happen if trump was impeached?”

  1. rose Says:

    Not going to happen. The GOP still supports him and many in Mitch’s family earn their money working for T so Mitch will punish anyone who … well. Nuf said. It would take GOP Congressperson’s support for impeachment to happen. It wasn’t until GOP Congressional’s turned against Nixon that….. We aren’t anywhere close to that. T could still shoot Nancy P on the steps of Congress and the GOP would support him.

  2. Matthew Healy Says:

    Pelosi and most of her key leadership team remember all too well what happened to the GOP when they impeached Clinton. Unless evidence turns up that’s WAY stronger than anything I know about right now, very few Senate GOP would vote to convict Trump. A failed attempt to remove him would both anger him and empower him.

  3. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    We can wish but it’s not gonna happen. There’s not a single Republican Congressperson with the will or integrity to make it happen. :/

  4. Kingston Says:

    I want to know what happens if he’s indicted. Despite his administration’s assertions to the contrary, it doesn’t seem there’s anything constitutional stopping Mueller from doing so. I suppose the question of whether he can be tried criminally would be a question for the Supreme Court.

  5. SP Says:

    Nice explainer. Sad, and really, the last line of the article is also depressing: “If Trump were, somehow, impeached and removed from office, Vice President Mike Pence would become President.”

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