I bought some plates

They’re the Lenox butterfly plates* I said I wasn’t going to get until my children were out of the house.

What changed?

Well… my MIL bought some before Christmas.  She got the kind that are made specially for Macy’s, so they’re blue.  I made sure to use them at every opportunity and got little sparks of joy while doing so.  They’re thicker than they used to be and the image isn’t printed on quite as nicely as they used to be.  Them not being quite as nice is likely related to the fact that the price has gone WAY DOWN since I wrote that post saying I wasn’t going to get them.  On top of that, the holiday sale that my MIL bought her plates from was still going on, so a set of 6 dinner/salad/cups in my preferred design was only $99 instead of nearly $400.    At that price, I can handle the predicted amount of breakage without tears.  It’s more than the white Corelle we’ve been getting (and slowly breaking into a zillion tiny fragments), but not *that* much more.

Next holiday sale, I think I might get the hydrangea pattern which will come with bowls instead of cups.

Now… we’re not actually *using* the plates right now.  The Corelle stuff (along with the four of our original floral Target at Home plates that haven’t broken) is on top of the Lenox in the cupboard and we haven’t really had time to entertain at all since we bought them.  But I’m happy to know that we have them and they didn’t cost too much.  As we continue to shatter the Corelle we will eventually start using them as daily plates rather than replacing the Corelle.

So… part of being willing to buy nice things is the price of said things dropping!

Are there things you would love to buy if they weren’t so darned expensive?  Do you keep your eye on things in case the price drops?  When the price does drop, do you buy?  For your specific wanted item, is it about not being able to afford it, or about feeling crappy if something goes wrong with the purchase?

*(Yes, I know this is a very grandma set of plates– I don’t care!  The heart wants what it wants.)

7 Responses to “I bought some plates”

  1. Steph Says:

    My big dream purchase is a Saarinen Womb Chair. There was a room with several in my college, and I used to hang out there all the time. Currently it’s just way beyond my budget, bc rent in my postdoc city is high (though I also worry a little about someday having a more destructive kitty who will shred the nice, textured fabric). I could probably afford a knock-off with a little bit of effort…but they don’t look the same and I’m betting they don’t feel as nice! The real ones do go on sale for 10-20% off ~once a year, so someday when I have enough saved up, I will get one and put it in my dream library.

  2. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    So many ebooks!

    At the moment, I’m really irritated with myself for splurging on two items from Elhoffer Design that I thought would look good because I’ve tried on their things before. I waited over a year for them to go on sale to no avail, then bought them full price when I thought they were selling out. I should have just passed. The actual product may actually be terrible on me and I paid a bundle for them. They’re a small business with very restrictive policies so I can’t return them which I knew at the time and was part of the hesitation.

    So — kind of both. I CAN afford it but it was a stretch to and I feel terrible that I can’t love the pieces the way I wanted to. One is a knit sweater with sleeves too long and I don’t know how to fix that, except sinking more money into alterations, and the other is a lovely long dress that I should have gotten in the colors I preferred but perhaps I can hem myself?

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I recently bought a (high quality plum) sweatshirt from tinykittens that … is too small. I guess Canadian mediums don’t account for my having had kids or being used to American vanity sizing. At least in this case I can feel like some of that overpriced loss was a donation to a worthy program. (I’m planning on giving it to #2 next time I’m in Paradise.)

      I have dress pants that I bought over 7 years ago that I still have never worn because they need to be hemmed. I should just give them to goodwill. I wonder if the suit jacket even fits anymore.

      • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

        I always feel like a little less of an adult making these clothing mistakes, I didn’t realize I’m not the only one! And looking at it as a donation to a worthy (in this case, designer I really like) does rather take the sting off.

  3. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    I like the plates! We have red-edged white corelle and haven’t managed to break any in five years, though we did break quite a lot of the previous set, which was all glass. Probably the vinyl vs. tile floor is the difference.

    I always wait until clothing is on sale, unless there is a truly desperate lack of trousers or something. Mostly I see it as a luxury rather than a necessity, since a bunch of college professors donate a ton of new-ish clothes to the goodwill, and then they become my work wardrobe. I also only buy the children clothing on sale. They grow so fast and are so hard on clothes!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      So far all of our Corelle shatters have definitely involved tile floors!

      Confession: With the occasional shoes/socks/underpants or orchestra/school outfit exception, we do not buy children’s clothing at all. We get it from a combination of my MIL loving to shop for her grandkids and one of my colleagues having a kid a couple years older than my DC1. (Prior to that, me being visibly pregnant at work resulted in random people giving us baby clothing.) We pay it forward by giving all our outgrown children’s clothing to another colleague.

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