• We finally finished up the big tin of (grocery store brand EV) olive oil that I must have gotten on sale who knows when.  (Its expiration date was in 2018, so it can’t have been too long ago, can it?)  I don’t think I will ever buy another one of those tins again now that we’re rich.  They’re too unwieldy to just use, and now that we’re affluent I will no longer have to use a big tin to refill the smaller glass container that we use regularly.  I can just buy smaller glass containers.  Now we have a bit more pantry space (to store small containers of super fancy olive oils from one of the oil and vinegar boutiques in the city), and think of all the minutes and non-oily hands I will be saving every few months!  (Ok, it wasn’t a real hardship, but… I’m glad that I can stop doing that.)
  • both ENIGMA and Illuminati are following our blog now
  • would the real illuminati be so brazen about it?
  • or maybe that’s what they want us to think…
  • DH’s company hasn’t been able to fill a position, so they just gave everybody an across the board 5% raise.  He is now the breadwinner.
  • Men at work are so emotional! OMG.  It is not fair that women have to be so professional all the time and moderate men’s feefees so they don’t have to deal with the outcomes of their tantrums and sulks.  Like, no, we can’t punish this person who used to work here because that is petty and would make the department look bad.  And a majority vote is a majority vote even if you don’t like the outcome.  Come ON guys, it’s just work!  A job.  Get some perspective.
  • I went for a walk and got caught in a rainshower. Now my pants are wet. Options: 1. Be late for a faculty meeting while DH brings me pants from home, 2. Show up to the meeting in my regalia
  • DC2 was asking why zie had DH’s last name and not my last name.  Hir response to my answer was “What’s a pastry market?”  I would rather have a pastry market than a patriarchy, personally.  (Or better yet:  a pastry party!)
  • figured out what That Smell in DC1’s room was.  Hir shoes.  So we washed and heavily baking soda’d them.

18 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Call your senators today to ask them to condemn the fake national emergency https://twitter.com/Celeste_pewter/status/1100541751415263232

  2. tryingtogetbackinshapein40s Says:

    We have the shoes problem in our house with our tween. We find this product to a miracle worker. We could buy it at our local sporting goods store, but we usually buy on Amazon. About $7 a container.

  3. Grace Says:

    Re: men at work: it’s not just men at work!

    I have two brothers, and they have more drama with each other than my sister and I ever do. When I think of my parents and in-laws, nearly all of the conflicts and issues have been driven by men.

    My husband even acknowledges that he is the more emotional one in our relationship. Which is not to say that my heart is dead, but more that I am a thousand times better at having some perspective and not getting upset about stuff.

    It is so weird to me that we have this idea about men that they’re programmed to be suppress their emotions, and yet what I really see around me are men who don’t know how to deal with the emotions they do have. Which is not the same as suppressing them.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      It makes sense from an econ perspective– if women are punished for not dealing with their emotions and men aren’t, then women will be better able to deal with emotions. Because they *have* to.

    • delagar Says:

      I think the patriarchy allows men to have *certain* emotions — wounded pride, anger, affront — and because those are the acceptable emotions, many men put *all* their emotions into those outlets.

      They can’t show fear, so they show anger, sort of thing.

  4. Leigh Says:

    Oh gosh pastry market! So sweet, DC2. Yay raise and no longer buying the huge cheap tins of olive oil. We used to buy extra virgin olive oil from Costco until we bought some in Italy and now we buy it from the fancy grocery store where it tastes much better…

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      To be fair, we’re still buying the same quality of oil for cooking, just in smaller containers. (We save the nice stuff for drizzling and dipping. Personally I prefer the deep complex bitterness of Spanish oils, while DH prefers smooth soft earthiness of many Italian oils.)

  5. gwinne Says:

    OMG. The pastry market!!! (If only.)

    You should totally go to the meeting in your regalia.

  6. gasstationwithoutpumps Says:

    Regarding last names: my wife and I decided before we had any kids that male children would get my last name and female children would get hers (she did not change her name when we married). We ended up having only one child (male).

    • Tinkering Theorist Says:

      We decided the same thing, except after the first we would alternate (whether male or female). Other than my own mother, and the PTO directory, we haven’t run into any trouble or confusion with the situation (that my son and daughter are siblings with different last names). Real official agencies (as opposed to the PTO) understand how to deal with different last names, and I didn’t have any trouble using their passports with different last names, even without their dad present. Now that I had to start all over, with a new husband, my third will have another different last name, so it is getting to be a lot, but it’s better for me than the alternative.

  7. cg Says:

    Haha, I wish you had gone to that meeting in your regalia! You could have told people you were tired of all the informality in academia these days and were going back to the days when profs wore gowns.

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