Link Love

Infants as young as 5 months old detained by ICE without needed care.

tw: pregnancy loss:  heartwrenching post by Dr. Jen Gunter

A response to a manifesto

Elaborations on the Vimes Boot theory (h/t Delagar)

This article is full of good economics

The color of money

How Marie Kondo helped this person sort out their gender.

A Sunday morning thread

A poem by not of general interest

Dianne Feinstein doesn’t need a do over.

Men and car crashes

Remember that NC election with all the voter fraud?  It’s getting a do-over.  Donate to the democratic candidate here.

Why nutrition research is so messed up (Here’s our much shorter post on the same topic)

She’s on to something

Hitting a moving target

Simple asset allocation calculator


These are really tasty

No rational person would do this, and certainly not a week and some change early.

A thread about Merlin

5 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. rose Says:

    I have just spent 2 hrs on your links. Some were long and took thought and some pause time to assimilate. The one where you praised the economics (to make it easier to find) or the 9.9% was particularly worthwhile and interesting. AS ALWAYS: Thank you for the time you spend creating these links to share!

  2. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    Ioannidis also published a fairly cutting editorial last year on nutrition research! I make my students read it now.

  3. donebyforty Says:

    Thanks so much for including my post! Cheers!

  4. Rumpus Says:

    Vimes? The Vimes? It is! How excellent, and a great post on money.
    If you have/buy a 3d printer you can make your own Vimes figurine, though you’ll want to consider his Boot Theory in getting the printer.
    Or maybe it doesn’t apply to early-adopter items?

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