Link Love

Call using this script (or your own) to demand Nielsen’s resignation.

States with stricter gun control regulations have fewer mass shootings

Man sues Alabama clinic where his (teenage) ex-girlfriend got an abortion.ย  (Donate here to the clinic)

Unvaccinated child developed Oregon’s First Pediatric Tetanus Case in 30 years

Meanwhile Rand Paul misinforms about vaccines because I have no idea.ย  His DAD understands that children are people, not property, and should be protected from their parents’ bad decisions.ย  His dad understands the economics of how to be a good libertarian.ย  Rand Paul thinks kids are property.

This week in Fascism:

if this is socialism, sign me up

Corruption in Texas’s school endowment fund.

Can we have a black history month do-over?

International Men’s Day is Nov 19th, Donate here (especially if you are in the UK).

This is a gripping story, though a bit white-savior-y (makes me cringe after reading up on Green Book)

How did home cooking become a moral issue?

The hidden mechanisms that help those born rich to excel in elite jobs

Does Tesla autosteer make cars more or less safe?ย  We don’t know.

Moving on

A DIY bathroom remodel

The first science fiction novel known to have been written and published by a woman (from 1666)

Hope rides again preview


2 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. rose Says:

    Thank you. It ought to be illegal for anyone to work with regulations impacting children to not be current on research about trauma and abuse and the impact of exposure to such. BECAUSE IT IS KNOWN AND HAS BEEN PROVEN REPEATEDLY. Nielsen will not resign, she will not be impacted, and Nuremberg type trials of accountability will not be held. But please do raise voices against her and thank those in public offices who speak the truth to her.
    Again, you have a wonderful selection of links and I am deeply appreciative.

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