A dialogue on cephalophones

I realize these dialogues would be much more exciting if one of us could draw, or pretend to draw, on the computer.  But alas, we are lazy.

#1:  I didn’t realize there was a word for this, but it makes sense.

#2:  …and it has to be saints, not just anybody carrying their heads?

#1:  maybe it’s a term about saints that you could apply to other people?

#2:  but that might confuse people– how would they know you’re speaking metaphorically?

#1:  hmm

#2:  like you don’t want people to think that an *ordinary* group of people carrying their heads are actually saints

#1:  haha

#2:  Or worse!  It could be dangerous.  You might confuse a group of headless horsemen for saints.

#1:  only if they had horses

#2:  or British houseghosts!

#1:  (nearly)

#2:  They’re not always nearly headless!  What about the Canterbury Ghost?

#1:  What about him?

#2:  He’s not a saint.

#1:  Right.

#2:  Or what about Nearly Headless Nick’s Frenemies?  I bet they’re dangerous.  Can’t go mixing them up with saints.

#1:  hahahaha




6 Responses to “A dialogue on cephalophones”

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      OMG, I saw that in theaters when it came out and had completely forgotten that scene, though I remember it deeply from the books (where it was some random gruesome princess, not mombi). Soooo creepy.

      Do not get her mixed up with a saint! She will take your head! Unless you’re ugly… I think Ozma of Oz is the creepiest of the books. (The wheelers also scared me. And of course, the nome king.)

      • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

        Do you remember the wheelers from the movie?? NO ONE else remembers them when I bring it up but they were deeply upsetting to me as a child.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        They’re upsetting in the books too! One of the creepier memories from childhood.

        Mostly I remember that they had Dorothy instead of Tip and I had a coloring book with the Gump which was one of my favorite characters (also the sawhorse).

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