Link Love

OxyContin, the Special Olympics, Charity, and Taxes

What can you do about Ritas So White?

Forgiveness is for people who apologize.  Not for people who still watch Fox News.

Abigail Disney talks about being rich

Declutter without creating trash

Jagged Little Pill

Yes, there are Brexit romance novels.  This is a weird cultural movement.  One of these days we are going to have to buy a Chuck Tingle book just to *know*.  What if it turns out that his books are really good?  Will we need to read all of them?

Pretty sure we linked to this when it came out 3 years ago.

The baby sitter’s club

YOU CAN TURN OFF THAT ANNOYING REVERSE BEEP in a Prius.  (The Clarity, btw, has a very cute single squeak instead.)

New Gail Carriger

Thread.  “really? because you don’t actually look much like a bat, so”

5 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. Kristen Says:

    Thanks for sharing the link to my post about decluttering! :)

  2. fear Says:

    The NRA & violence against women… I followed links and hit “a young woman named Deanna Walters tells a harrowing story of being kidnapped and driven across state lines, during which time she was beaten so badly she suffered seizures; she was suffocated with a pillow, then woke when her kidnapper, who was also her estranged husband, poured Mountain Dew on her face. He later told police he’d nearly broken his own fingers beating her and had to resort to a flashlight. In photographs, Walters had two black eyes, caked blood on her lips, bloodshot sclera around her irises, and kneecaps so swollen and discolored that they were no longer visible. When police eventually caught her estranged husband—only after Deanna escaped—the local prosecutor told domestic-violence advocates that he would be charged with a misdemeanor.” (not late because across state lines it became a felony and he did get sentenced to ‘real’ time in prison.)
    Such a reminder of why a judge telling me if my now ex “had hit you with the truck axle wrench you could have gone to the phone and called the police” when the paper had just published that the police response time to domestic calls was AT LEAST 2 hours….. and my skull or other bones hit would have been destroyed. Almost 46 yrs later it still gives me the shakes and PTSD about court rooms. This is the reality of responses to domestic violence in this country.
    Thank you.

  3. rose Says: Connection to this site came from you originally but in case some readers have not been following I am resharing it. 83 weeks to go. Holding hands we can get there.

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