Things that are great

Book: Tell the Machine Goodnight by Katie Williams

Or would you like to read a soothing Victorian-era murder mystery with lots of descriptions of delicious food?  Death Below Stairs by Jennifer Ashley (start of a series).

Documentary: United Skates (here’s a trailer; you can see it on HBO or maybe netflix?)

Activity: Coloring and also watching kitten videos [#2 not a fan of coloring, big fan of kittens]

Sensation: Petting a cat’s smooth fur.  Taking off your pants after a long day at work.


Tell us things that are great in the comments!

2 Responses to “Things that are great”

  1. Xin Says:

    I really enjoyed United Skates – watched it on HBO and I totally cried. (I’ve been in a slightly weird mental place thinking about our country’s history with race relations and how easily society at large forgets things that happened in the lifetime of plenty of people who are still alive now. There’s a moment when they interview someone who lived through the Civil Rights movement about what skating culture means to him, and it really got at what I’ve been thinking about.)

  2. thestirrupqueen Says:

    Passionately agree with Tell the Machine Goodnight. I loved that book.

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