Link Love

We’ve both had weird (but different) sicknesses this week.  More on that when my DH doesn’t end up dying (at which point #1 will have a funny but extremely expensive story) and maybe after #2 figures out what ‘s going on.

Wandsci is inspiring.

Measles can destroy your immunity to other diseases

One reason it’s hard to be a woman in STEM, and what can men can do about it. (Also:  chirp, what up!)

Code switching isn’t pandering, and saying it is is a way to people who grew up having to do it “in their place”.

What to do if you are targeted by the right-wing smear machine

Alice Hamilton American Hero

The best books you’ve never heard of April 2019 (#1 can attest she has not heard of these)

6 Responses to “Link Love”

    • teresa Says:

      That is awesome.

      also, the chirp makes me wonder if I went to the same [censored]/overlapped with one (both?) of you- mekka was 2 years ahead of me.

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