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Some places you can donate to help women get abortions and here’s some more.  You can also donate to the ACLU or NARAL if you’re interested in the court cases (I gave to both this week).  If your state legislature is in session, the best thing that you can do is find out what abortion bills are up and call your state legislators to tell them what to support or to vote no on (I did this this week, and yelled at my state legislator for voting the wrong way!).  Celeste Pewter has some information.  It looks like Missouri just passed a ban on Friday.  If you live in Louisiana, call your senators about their heartbeat bill.  Senator Warren has suggestions for how to fight next wherever you live in the US.  If you live in Massachusetts, call your state legislators about getting those old anti-abortion laws that RvW invalidated off the books.  If you live in Texas, tell your house rep to vote against SB 22 which makes it illegal for cities to partner with planned parenthood.  If you live in a state that has already passed one of these horrific anti-abortion laws, call your legislators to find out how they voted and then either thank them or tell them you’re angry.  No matter where you live in the US, something can be done by you this week to fight.  Please let us know in the comments about what’s going on in your state, or what you’re doing nationally– it will help other people reading to find out what needs to be done and what they can do.

Also if you live in Texas, SB9 which restricts voting rights got moved out of committee in the House (it already passed the Senate), so call your house rep to tell them to VOTE NO.  My friend from Texas says you can also call the calendars committee and ask them not to schedule it to the floor.  

This thread explains how a single scam artist named Gregg Cunningham and his mega-church affiliates has used the anti-abortion movement to scam millions of dollars from evangelicals across the world… and how they pay protesters.  (Those accusations of democrats having paid protesters when they don’t– that’s because a lot of anti-abortion protesters actually are paid.)  It seems like a paranoid conspiracy theory, but there are actual receipts in the thread from reputable sources.  They’re really not trying to hide it.

Women are already being punished for controlling their bodies even after RvW.

Forced birth advocates and the misogynist playbook of the past

Maureen Johnson talks about being shamed by her insurance company because she had to get a pelvic examination after getting into a car crash.

Educated people who can move out of the South will.

Offered for your consideration

Thoughts on bad husbands, activism, and what we can all do that matters

Why have no control levers been made for women’s hands?

The best episode of yo is this racist

The one simple trick to solving the climate change problem is to elect democrats

Kids in America are missing school because they can’t afford toothpaste and tampons (Action:  donate tampons to a local food pantry or school district– our middle and high schools both have a pantry where kids can get hygiene products and they’re always asking for menstrual products, but people prefer to buy them deodorant.)

Writing romance novels in a tough year

Freedom to dumpster dive

Why so many rich kids eventually come to enjoy the taste of healthier foods

I would eat this

The great Ohio key fob mystery, or honey, I jammed the neighborhood. (Also an example why it’s good to still have actual keys, not just fobs.)

Hedgehog with socks

16 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Update on sb22 in Texas – it passed which is especially bad given that TX partners with religious groups and has given them millions for healthcare and gotten nothing because they’re no good at providing healthcare, unlike planned parenthood. So I guess if you’re in TX you can yell at or thank your state legislators and then ask your house rep to vote no on sb9 to protect voting rights.

  2. rose Says:

    Thank you for Tiny Kittens. Really helps.

    • Debbie M Says:

      I participated. Not as big of a crowd as our pro-science demonstration. But with way more swearing. We were still loud enough to be heard inside the capital, I assume. Super depressing stories, though, like some of your links above. (Ten people in my line of sight raised their hands to say that Planned Parenthood had saved their lives.) But then the crowd was fabulously supportive of the speakers. Interestingly, we did one chant in Spanish.

      The last speaker (not on the original schedule) was, well. She said she’s having sex with two men right now. And neither one of them came to the protest. Because they would miss free lunch at their cushy tech jobs (jobs she could never get because she never had the money to train herself for them). She said those guys were getting a talking to that night. And if they are not willing to support her, maybe they don’t deserve sex from her anymore. I think it was also her who asked us all to think about what sacrifices we would be willing to make for this cause.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Thank you for participating! Ours was cancelled for rain 20 min before it was supposed to start but around 8 people (including me) showed up anyway. We got lots of thumbs up and thanks and it only rained off and on.

        That seems like an odd choice for last speaker.

      • Debbie M Says:

        Too bad about the rain. I guess it’s bad for microphones? But that seems like such a minor reason to cancel such an important event.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Yeah. We never have microphones anyway. I’m sure the organizer just didn’t want to be out in the rain and didn’t want the press to come if it was only going to be a small group.

  3. crazy mama, PhD Says:

    I don’t know whether I’m more delighted about Mr. Ratburn’s marriage or just the fact that Arthur is still going!

  4. teresa Says:

    There’s also a nice graphic floating around that illustrates how the states banning abortion *already* have some of the highest maternal mortality rates

    National network of abortion funds is a great place to support (or use it to find local funds to support women in affected states more directly)- a lot of these funds help not just with paying for procedures but with supporting the more indirect costs like transportation to a clinic, childcare, etc

    And the center for reproductive rights is another great policy/legal-level group:

  5. Cloud Says:

    We watched that Arthur episode this morning! My 9 year old is fan.

  6. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    This is simultaneously really depressing and very helpful.

  7. Just a little (link) love: dog and calf friends edition « A Gai Shan Life Says:

    […] Many ways to help protect reproductive rights. […]

  8. May Wrap Up | Stacking Pennies Says:

    […] pay to parking fees with a membership).  Another $100 split between a few abortion rights places (h/t Grumpy Rumbling’s link love for leads on […]

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