• The price of cheetos in the vending machine went up.  My colleague counted over 60 individual cheetos in her bag (the claim on the bag was 42) and has decided she thinks they are worth three cents per cheeto.
  • Home Depot wanted us to get our water turned off on Friday so as to get the countertop installed the NEXT Friday, 7 days later.  Because they only do plumbing stuff on Fridays.  So we asked if we could get a refund on the plumbing install and pay our own plumber instead because I do not want to live without a dishwasher for seven days if that can be avoided.  Especially on less than a day’s notice when there’s a salmon dish in the refrigerator I have no interest in cleaning by hand in either the laundry room or the bathroom.
  • Turns out that the Home Depot person who said plumbing was only done on Fridays was incorrect.  We’re getting the water shut off on Thursday and turned back on on Saturday [update:  turned out to be very late on Saturday but they didn’t tell us they weren’t going to make the 9am to 2pm window so we were stuck at home all day, but by 8:30pm the plumber had finished].  Whew.
  • I don’t understand why it takes the car dealership so long to actually cash the check we give them.  You’d think they’d want to lock that $20K+ down ASAP.
  • I have to share this with somebody.  I was at the gas station making sure that my Accent’s tank could fill after the replacement EV and I was next to a young guy in a business suit with a new Insight, so I asked him how he liked it, and he told me that the dealership had given him a deal in which he pays his financing bills for 9 months on the LX model (that’s the low trim) Insight and in 9 months if all his payments were on time, etc., they would trade him for a new Touring model (that’s the leather trim with all the little things my car is missing like a built-in garage door opener and a place to put your glasses) for no additional cost.  He was super excited about this and I did not want to dampen his enthusiasm, but I had to wonder how much they’re charging him both for the cost of the car and financing that such a deal makes it worthwhile for them to give a new car in exchange for a used car (though I suspect it will be a 2019 Touring model, not a 2020, so maybe that will be part of it).  They did not suggest any such shenanigans to us.  I think they are very good at this dealership in reading the customer.  We want a quick sale at low price (usually a price that we provide them after bargaining with other dealerships) and that’s what they give us.  This gentleman wanted to feel like he was getting a steal, so they offered him something unusual.  I bet in the end they make more off of him.  But we don’t take much time and we get one of their cars off the lot and driving around town for more people to see it.  (I have to say, the Insight is a really nice looking car– similar to some of the higher trim Accords in terms of exterior features.)
  • … another problem with buying a fancy car is that repairs are a LOT more expensive than for a generic low-level car that isn’t a new model.  I am too embarrassed about how I know this to say more.  Especially not about right-side mirrors with cameras on them and garages that are just a little too narrow.  (DH says that at least my stupidity costs less than unnecessary rabies shots and is a lot less stressful.  I say that I don’t have the excuse that I was being heroic.  Also he didn’t use the word stupidity because he’s a nice person.)
  • Turns out water pressure is a bit high on our new drinking water spigot.  One can create a shower for someone in the breakfast nook by attempting to fill up a water glass.
  • Also the gas hookup is taking up a little bit too much space so we can no longer close one of our drawers– we will have to get that drawer shortened or a new one made.
  • I am starting to get hooked on SiriusXM — the ability to listen to classical music during my commute is pretty amazing (our local station does NPR in the morning and doesn’t switch over to classical until 10am and is back to news by 4).  But… probably not $15/month amazing, especially when I could pay a kid to rip all of our classical cds onto a flash drive or load up some podcasts now that I have a USB drive instead of a cassette player…  So I will let it lapse when the free trial runs out.

15 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Leah Says:

    Music on a flash drive is my favorite feature of our newer car. It is awesome.

  2. monsterzero Says:

    Not to alarm you, but when I bought my car 12 years ago, the contract included a clause that said if my check for the full amount wasn’t accepted within N days (I think it was 3 but it was something ridiculously short) of signing, I consented to a loan with a high interest rate. I said so all you’d have to do is leave my check here on your desk a few days and I’d be stuck with a loan? The paperwork rep said haha of course we would never do that. I made her cross out the number and write in 10 or 14 and boy was she mad.

    You can put in a little faucet flow restrictor to prevent surprise showers in the kitchen. I took ours out last year because it took forever to wash the dishes but YMMV.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      They eventually did cash the check (and our contract had no such clauses). I can’t imagine them trying to do anything like that here–word would get around quickly and they would lose all of their university business! Which is considerable!

      I will mention the faucet flow restrictor to DH. I think he is planning to go the supply line adaptor route but I plan to post on all the fixes we did and are doing at some point in the future. I also made him change the hot and cold lines so that up means hot and down means cold and not vice versa. Because I kept burning myself. (Which also meant it is time to turn down the water heaters for summer.)

      One would think the contractors would come and everything would be done except maybe some aesthetics, but no…

      Also I have been reminded recently what a PITA it is to clean a gas stove. But the countertops are easier… (Next week there will be a post with pictures on step 2 (after paying) of the kitchen remodel!)

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      DH says a restrictor would have worked if it had been the main faucet with the problem, but it’s the drinking faucet thingy that was the problem and that doesn’t have a hole to put a restrictor in. And he said there’s something called in-line flow restrictors but he couldn’t get one that seemed like it was restricting the right amount.

  3. CG Says:

    DH has Sirius in his car and every time they raise the price from the low low introductory rate he calls and threatens to cancel and they extend the introductory rate. I’m not sure what he’s paying now but it used to be something like $5/month. Worth a try if you like it and want to keep it. He does that with our internet provider, too.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      They just sent us a letter for DH’s car (his Sirius XM ran out ages ago and we never used it) offering him $5/mo for a year, so I can believe it. The problem is that we get busy during the school year and it’s hard to remember to keep an eye on automatic billing. So it would add to our mental load (or at the very least to DH’s calendar reminders and to-do lists).

      I did finally get through all of the other channels yesterday and was super-disappointed. There were fewer channels than I had thought and most of them are sports. I like the one classical station, but I don’t need a Pavarotti station, the opera station isn’t that great, the musicals station only plays musicals I’m not crazy about, the kid’s station isn’t what I was looking for, and the Disney station is just a pop-40 station with the lyrics sanitized. (Also I don’t need a 100% Beatles station.) The comedy stations (of which there were several) were all on misogynist rants. And boy howdy there was a lot of evil Republican talk-radio near the end.

      I think I will ask the kids to rip our classical CDs for me as a Christmas present. Or else I’ll pay them to do it this summer if they complain of boredom. (So far DC1 has learned not to complain about being bored. DC2 still goes, “I’m bored don’t tell me to clean my room,” but that doesn’t work! We still tell hir to clean hir room!)

  4. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Hey, Californians, crazy celebrities are going against a mandatory vaccination bill. If mandatory vaccinations is something you care about, call your state legislators to let them know they have your support, because I can assure you they’re getting calls from the crackpots out there. (What crackpots, you ask, here’s a post…)

  5. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    And everyone else: Today (and tomorrow and next week and…) is a good day to call about starting the impeachment process:


  6. rose Says:

    Please extend appreciation to your Cheetos counting colleague. The whole idea and the count was so much lightness and joy on a difficult day. Thank you too!

  7. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    So many headdesks re the anti-vaxxers here. URGGHHHH.

    Also do you suppose that fiddling with water pressure is a thing we can do? I want to turn UP the water pressure in our shower but haven’t ventured into searching for answers.

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