Sunday Link Love

Here’s a big document of things you can do, places you can donate, etc. to help the kids in US concentration camps (h/t Delagar)

US journalist has his rights trampled at the US border because he was a journalist entering from Mexico.  Aka, this week in fascism.

How much the tent cities are costing US taxpayers in straight up $$, and a comparison of the much lower costs of the more humane Obama policies that didn’t violate US law.




Yes we do have concentration camps

This is a terrifying thread expounding upon the logical consequences of the previous tweet.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Tell your favorite democratic candidate that you want there to be discussion about climate change.  Call your senators and congresspeople to tell them you want action on climate change (here’s a script and phone numbers).  Find out what is happening in your state while we still have a democracy and lean hard on your elected officials.  Donate money to groups that help fight climate change from a political level– I don’t know which though– does anybody have suggestions?  If so I will link to them up hear and give $25 myself.  People who give us these doom and gloom climate scenarios (I’m looking at you first, Al Gore) need to follow up with “now that you’re fired up here’s what to do” and it needs to be political action, not just turning off lights and unplugging appliances.

Chuck Todd is debate’s biggest loser

and letting the women in the department do all that pesky service work

Pseudo science and rational woo

The credible hulk

France is bacon.

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  1. rose Says:

    Always: THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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