• DH and I have decided that if we ever have someone ask for permission to marry a daughter, the answer will be no.  (Because nobody should be asking a parent permission for an adult to get married.)
  • One of my colleagues said she just wouldn’t vote if Bernie was the nominee.  I told her that not voting is half a vote for Trump.  She said she couldn’t bring herself to.  I said I would vote for road-kill over Trump.  Because there are children in concentration camps in our country and children’s lives are at stake.
  • One of my RAs got hir entire school account suspended because one of the datasets zie was working with was called sex_and_gender
  • One of our relatives just named her new son Pnykolass.  The P is silent.  [Actual name may have been changed to protect the innocent and to prevent googling!]
  • Remember how we got a whole house water filter?  It turns out that unfiltered water has chlorine in it and filtered water doesn’t.  Which means that that pink/orange bacterial slime that loves to eat soap has infiltrated the master bathroom.  We are debating the pros and cons of getting a bleach tablet for the toilet (which will corrode the toilet innards) or hiring a cleaning service just to do the kitchen and bathrooms (since I hate putting stuff away before a full clean).  Spending every weekend cleaning the bathroom sounds not fun to me, but I also am squicked out by pink slime.
  • update: a single intensive cleaning session with bleach is buying us time.
  • DC1 went to two different programming camps and got two Raspberry Pi.  I said zie didn’t have an r so zie didn’t have a circle, just two pi.  DC1 pointed out that Raspberry starts with an R.  DC2 chimed in that no, DC1 has two pi Remainder asberry.  I’m so proud!
  • Every time I see a headline or tweet for 90 day fiancé I get really excited until I realize (again) it doesn’t say finances.
  • The new countertop in the kitchen settled, taking the shiny new caulk down with it, so we had to recaulk.
  • When I was starting college halfway across the country, I was the only kid I met there whose parents didn’t go with them on move-in day.  I thought that was weird.  Plane fare was so expensive.  And why pay for crowded hotels?  (My parents did move-in my sister but she went to school in-state so it was just a lengthy drive.)  And yet… when it is our kids’ turn we will probably go because it won’t be a big chunk out of our budget and it is one of those milestones.  And I guess DC1 will be younger than I was, depending on what zie decides to do 4 years from now.
  • OMG, can you believe [bachelorette spoilers].  I sure hope she doesn’t [more spoilers] because I want him to be the next bachelor.  But they never pick the guy I want, so…
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16 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Props to the first one! My parent tried to talk me out of getting married, which really surprised me because they had previously seemed to like my husband…

    I feel like many of my friends and family members are naming their kids weird names.

    Is this a safe space to say that my spouse’s sibling now has a kid and I cannot stand the way that my in-laws talk about children? It’s not at all relatable and kind of obnoxious. They, uh, kind of treat babies like props, rather than humans. And it’s all my MIL wants to talk about.

    My parents came with me at move-in, but they didn’t come to my college graduation. It was in the middle of my dad’s busy season and far away from them. I was one of the few graduates there without parents.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I skipped my college graduation. My mom really wanted to attend but she made me attend my high school graduation and the deal was I wouldn’t have to go to my college graduation if I did. She thought I would change my mind. I did not.

  2. Cloud Says:

    You could always make cleaning the bathroom a weekend chore for the kids… We have a cleaner come every other week, but the kids do some touch-up cleaning on the off weeks. One of the touch up cleaning chores is to clean the bathroom. In our experience, 7 is old enough to do an OK job, and by 10 they’re as good as I am at it. (Caveat: I am not that great at cleaning.)

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      They are in charge of their own bathrooms (they have a jack and jill, so their own sinks which we make them clean periodically since they can’t figure out how to rinse out toothpaste after spitting), but we don’t make them clean ours… tbh, I only notice ours(!)

  3. Debbie M Says:

    My mom came with me to move in to college, partly because she’d never been to Boston before. We came from Houston and laughed at everyone for thinking 80 degrees was hot. Then my whole family came for my graduation, partly so they could do more sight-seeing (they visited Salem without me!). None of us went to my grad school graduation in the same state, too boring!

  4. Susan Says:

    I keep a bottle of bleach containing cleaner in bathroom and 2-3 times a week spray in toilet and swish with toilet brush. I also spray in sink and do a quick rub. For me, having it right in the bathroom helps – since it’s already there it’s literally a 1 minute chore.

    Also, am I reading that correctly that your kiddo is going to high school. Whoa! That is a big milestone!!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      That’s a really good idea.

      Yep—new freshman next year. Hard to believe!

      • Becca Says:

        Growing up we had hard water and used the blue toilet tank tablets. I’m not sure if those are less corrosive? I’m also not sure if they are anti-mold, though I would imagine that being good on soap scum would at least help with the mold thing.

        I dislike cleaning bathrooms enough that I am happy when we have a housekeeper who does it, but very light preventative cleaning (e.g. spraying scrubbing bubbles in the toilet from time to time and misting the shower curtain with a dilute bleach or an alcohol based cleaner) seems to go very far toward keeping things reasonable.

        That said, when I was a kiddo cleaning the bathroom was always a *paid* extra chore. So if your kiddos have any interest in extra money, maybe it makes sense to insource instead of outsourcing it.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        It’s not actually mold, it’s a bacteria called Serratia Marcescens.

      • Becca Says:

        oh good old Serratia marcescens. Used it in an undergrad lab to study mutation screening and genetic mapping. If you can bake it in a UV box you could probably depigment it.

        Anyway, I think the biofilm it forms might be inhibited by the blue tablets. The blue tablets are mostly soap and borax- they should be less coercive than bleach. Bleach definitely kills Serratia marcescens, but I’m not sure if the quaternary ammonium compounds do much once it’s already formed a biofilm.
        I can’t remember off the top of my head what the effect on colony density/biofilm formation on pigment synthesis was. I want to say it starts white and turns red later, perhaps abruptly, when there’s enough of it (quorum sensing). If it stays at bay from the deep clean and then reappears suddenly that’s probably what happened (it doesn’t grow *that* fast at room temperature).

        Also, no shame for being squicked out by it, but I’m actually less worried about Serratia marcescens than a lot of other stuff.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        I think I might be allergic to it. My skin itches if I touch it and I suspect it is the cause of some of my mystery hives.

  5. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  6. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    That slime doesn’t like chlorine?? I’ve been trying to figure out what it is and how to kill it!

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