Link love

A bit light on links this week.  I was doing a lot of forensic data stuff (where did those numbers come from?) prior to a presentation.

The true origins of the Seth Rich conspiracy

Donate to Amy McGrath here.  (This was my Thursday action)  The bad guys are already gunning for her and she definitely needs some media training, but… see the above quote.   Also, the more support she gets, the better her coattails will be in Kentucky’s state and local.

You know those headlines about American households not being able to cover an unexpected $400 expense? Turns out any household who said they would put it on a credit card or would sell property (like stocks?) is included in that number. So while it is definitely problematic that there are low income households who cannot handle those kinds of expenses, the high income numbers are not actually that concerning. Some of those are just people being more efficient with their money than we lazy high income people who keep too much in savings accounts with low interest rates.  The policy brief is an interesting read.


Do you use a project management software for taking care of stuff at home?

One Response to “Link love”

  1. crazy mama, PhD Says:

    My wife’s been talking about setting up Jira and Confluence for our family, and it makes a lot of sense to me.

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