• The other SIL also decided to stay at home from this summer’s vacation.
  • I found out when DC2 brought home all hir school stuff that zie had written an essay on “my Christmas vacation” that had me staying at home.  I did not stay at home for that!  I only stay at home for the summer vacation!  What must her teachers have thought?
  • As DC2 gets into the terrible 7s, I have more and more sympathy for Mrs. Bennett and her Poor Nerves.
  • We’re replacing the fan in our 17 year old refrigerator again.  $83.43.  I asked DH if he wouldn’t rather have a newer fridge and he said no.  (In terms of environmental concerns, we have a low-end energy star fridge and we would probably replace it with a higher end one.  The last time I ran the efficiency numbers switching wasn’t helping much in terms of day-to-day, so we didn’t think it worth the costs of creating a new fridge.  We could replace with another low-end fridge, but I didn’t run those numbers.  I think that was a couple of years ago though, and the numbers may have changed.)
  • After having been especially trying at daycamp dropoff and having privileges rescinded (a very rare occurrence!), DC2 came home (after enjoying hirself fully at daycamp), remembered the lost privileges, shut hirself in hir bedroom, and started sadly playing hir new harmonica.
  • UGH, stupid HR sending me an email that I didn’t have the stupid wellness credit stuff done so I had to login and look up my stupid password and check even though I’ve had it done since forever and it doesn’t expire until after the school year starts.  Don’t send me incorrect information!
  • I feel like Hannah B would have benefited from watching Frozen prior to this season of the bachelor.
  • Anna rhymes with Hannah and is also a palindrome.
  • DC2 passed the test to skip 2nd grade and now we need to decide whether to do that even though hir Spanish isn’t great yet, or to wait another year.  (More people skip 3rd grade and the test is supposed to be easier.)

13 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. CG Says:

    Oh, seven. For kid number one it was several months of angst immediately following his 7th bday. For kid number two, it was a nonevent. Kid number three is 6 1/2 now so we’ll see. I did find the ancient but wise Ames and Ilg book, Your Seven-Year-Old, to be helpful. although you have been through this before so know all the tricks. Oldest turned seven halfway through the school year and immediately started hating school. After I explained this to the teacher, she suggested extra library privileges and harder math worksheets. That was enough to get him out of it, luckily. Courage! Love the sad harmonica playing.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Everyone tells you about the terrible 2s! But age 7 came as a shock to us with DC1. Fortunately it was as short as the terrible 3s for DC1… hopefully DC2 will also behave similarly to hir terrible 2s– early (check), deep (check), and brief (fingers crossed)! I’m really hoping it will be over before school starts, especially if DC2 is going to try a grade skip.

      A minor key is right! (re: the Ames and Ilg book)

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    I called about this today:

  3. accm Says:

    7 is bad? 6 is already killing me!

  4. First Gen American Says:

    Regarding no backlog, I’d love an Ask got grumpy’s post/debate on how much to save for college. Most specifically, how much to save in a 529 versus other more flexible savings vehicles.

    Long ago, I thought bonds were a good supplement to 529 as you can use them for other stuff but now I exceed the income limit on cashing them tax free for education expenses.

    I initially thought my kids wouldn’t qualify for anything as we are high earners but am learning that some of my work peer’s children have gotten partial and full scholarships. One is even a white male. Most of the others are female.

    I also just realized that my spouse will be 60 when the younger one is in college so maybe we use the 401K for some or all of his and just put more into that account.

    So, I feel like it requires more thought than just throw as much as I can afford into the 529 and hope it’s enough. Would love your thoughts.

      • First Gen American Says:

        My bad. I am still obsessing about this topic a year later and still haven’t figured out what I want to do.

        The article is great and covers the basics but I am still struggling on how much to save given the disparity in tuition rates school to school especially up here in the northeast. With these kinds of things I tend to want to go all in on savings but it’s not like a house or car where the dollar amount is fixed and known.

        I know quite a few parents that have told their kids that they’d cover tuition at a state school but if they go private they are on their own to make up the difference. So maybe that’s the solution. You save for a state education in 529 because that’s theoretically the minimum and then maybe do the rest in some other more general savings vehicle like a brokerage account and tap it if you need it.

  5. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    I feel like every year is a terrible age same as how zir entire first year was a sleep regression and the first four years were a constant growth spurt (we got a several month reprieve finally). It’s broken up with a good day now and again but every flipping day is a challenge with lightening fast mood swings.

  6. It is appliance breaking time! | Grumpy Rumblings (of the formerly untenured) Says:

    […] making chunking sounds again, which usually means it is going to need to be replaced soon.  I swore the last time this happened we would replace it and then *buy a new refrigerator*.  But it’s stopped chunking so we […]

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